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Bali Body BB Cream image

Disclaimer: Bali Body gifted me this product for review purposes

For today’s post, I’m super excited to share my thoughts on the Bali Body BB Cream with SPF, which I’ve heard great things about.

When Bali Body reached out to gift me some products for review, I was ecstatic as I’d heard great things about the company. While this BB cream was gifted to me in response for a review, I was not asked to write a positive review and no money was involved, so all thoughts are my own, as always.

For a long time, I’d never considered a BB cream in my beauty routine. I always wanted full coverage foundations, such as the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric. However, over time as my skin has improved, I’ve found myself reaching for BB creams more and more.

Following on with this new love, here’s how I got on with the Bali Body BB Cream…

What is Bali Body?

Bali Body is an Australian, vegan-friendly beauty company which aims to provide products that are nourishing and beneficial to the skin.

The company is famous for its tanning products, but it also does a nice range of skincare and suncare products.

Product ingredients and claims

Bali Body BB Cream image

The BB (which stands for ‘beauty balm’) Cream claims to be a multi-tasker that combines hydrating skincare benefits to protect, correct and perfect the skin.

It’s supposed to give a natural, buildable coverage that leaves skin with a healthy, dewy glow. According to Bali Body, the BB cream is an “everyday skin essential.”

Some of the key ingredients within the BB Cream are:

  • Hyaluronic acid: This hydrates and plumps the skin, leaving it soft and nourished
  • Marine collagen: Helping stimulate natural collagen synthesis, marine collagen firms, plumps and renews the skin
  • Green tea extract: Packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, this helps keep the skin clean and clear

My thoughts

Bali Body BB Cream image

First things first, the packaging is so pretty. It has that minimal, millennial vibe to it, which I am HERE for. Plus, it’s pink, and who doesn’t like pink?

I squeezed the cream onto my fingertips and applied the product directly to my face. The first thing I noticed was how silky the cream was. I’ve tried BB creams in the past that are either too gloopy or so sheer that I haven’t been sure what benefits it’s given my skin. However, this Bali Body one was different. Silky, smooth and I couldn’t wait to apply it.

On application, the product melted into my skin beautifully, which was so satisfying. As it was so easy to work with, it also meant I could apply it evenly across my face.

Bali Body BB Cream image

I asked for the Bali Body BB Cream in the shade Fair after looking at the swatches online, and it was a perfect match for me. I was a bit worried that it would be too pale or ashy for my skin tone, but it looked great.

As the BB Cream is very lightweight, you don’t have the same worries with trying to get an exact match to your skin tone. The whole idea is that the BB Cream enhances your skin, not covers it.

I was so pleased with the look once I applied it. My skin looked radiant and healthy, but still very natural. I decided I wanted to add a second layer and this also worked wonderfully. It gave me just a little bit of extra coverage, but my skin still looked natural.

Here’s my skin with the Bali Body BB Cream on:

As you can see, it gives a very natural look, and my skin looks healthy and glowy.

This BB Cream would be perfect for an everyday makeup look, work, whilst on holiday, as a lighter option during summer, or just as a nice pick-me-up.

Also, while wearing the BB Cream, my skin felt hydrated and nourished, something which I’ve found to be lacking with certain other BB creams I’ve tried in the past.

Honestly, this product is wonderful. I absolutely love it and would definitely purchase it in the future.

Where to buy

The Bali Body BB Cream retails for £25.95 for 35ml – which I think is very respectable – and you can buy it from Bali Body’s website.


Genuinely, I have nothing bad to say about the BB Cream. The product definitely meets its claims as my skin felt great while looking natural, dewy and healthy.

I’m so happy Bali Body reached out to me for me to try this product as it’s been a real hit.

Rating: 5 stars

For people looking for a new product for their beauty routine, the Bali Body BB Cream is the one to get!

Do you like BB Creams or do you prefer something with a bit more coverage? I’d love to hear your thoughts!