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Here are the latest exclusive discount codes for you to bag some money off while shopping for awesome beauty products. And who doesn’t love a good haul and cheaper products?!


The go-to place for science-backed skincare and body products.

Use the code AMELM20 for 20% off Ameliorate


A fantastic skincare line focused on treating acne and acne scars.

Use the code SARAHBANISH for $5 off for $50 minimum spend at Banish

Better Not Younger

A premium hair care brand with products formulated specifically for the changes in our hair as we age. 

Use the code SARAH10 for 10% off Better Not Younger

Christophe Robin

A luxury hair care brand that offers highly concentrated yet gentle formulas powered by precious natural-origin ingredients.

Use the code CR15OFF for 15% off Christophe Robin


The go-to place for all of your beauty device needs, from expert LED devices and hair removal tools to microcurrent gadgets and dermaplaning tech.

Use the code WC15 for 15% off CurrentBody’s expert LED device range


This brand sells high-performing and relatively affordable LED devices to help clear acne.

Use the code SARAH12 for 12% off DemarkQ


The best place to get your own custom dermatology treatments for your exact skin needs. Your prescription changes with your skin, so you always get a solution that works for you.

Use the code SARAHDERM to get your Dermatica treatment for just £2.90 the first month and 10% off the second month. Click here for UK prescription and here for US prescription


Bring the luxury spa experience to your own home with a delightful collection of skincare, body, home, and wellness products.

Use the code ESPAM15 for 15% off ESPA

False Eyelashes

The number 1 destination for the best and most luxurious lashes at amazing prices, with tonnes of brands to choose from.

Use the code AWOMANSC10 for 10% off False Eyelashes


A premium wellness brand offering a broad range of vegan supplements, skincare products, and multivitamins.

Use the code SARAHS20 for 20% off Feel (excluding bundles)


A vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand that offers a multi-sensory experience.

Use the code SS5 for 5% off Flânerie (works on top of existing discounts)


Premium and performance-driven hair products created by a team of hair professionals for gorgeous hair.

Use the code WOMAN20 for 20% off FUL


An eco-friendly natural deodorant brand that actually works, offering a range of amazing scents.

Use the code AFAWC15 for 15% off Fussy (available for new customers only)

Grow Gorgeous

A premium, cruelty-free, and vegan hair care brand offering a diverse range of products for different hair types and concerns.

Use the code GG15OFF for 15% off Grow Gorgeous


Set your creativity on fire with a divine collection of fun, colourful, unique, and effective makeup products in chic black casing.

Use code ILLAM25 for 25% off Illamasqua

Irresistible Me

The best place for premium 100% natural hair extensions, wigs, and ponytails.

Use code SARAHS10 for 10% off Irresistible Me


The best, most convenient, and tastiest way to get loads of fruit and veggies into your diet, without any of the bad stuff.

Use code AWC15 for 15% off kencko


Your one-stop destination for everything beauty with an enormous range of brands to pick from and incredible sales!

Use the code LFTFBLOGSARAH for 20% off all products on this LOOKFANTASTIC list


This brand sells a good range of affordable anti-ageing skincare products.

Use the code AWC15 for 15% off Maryann


A fantastic eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line centred around green rooibos for soothed and hydrated skin.

Use the code SARAH10 for 10% off Maysama


A cruelty-free natural-led brand offering a beautiful range of skin, hand, body, bath, and shower products.

Use the code CONFIDENCE20 for 20% off Monuskin

Origin Mattress

A sleep tech company selling premium mattresses and pillows for a supported and relaxing night’s sleep.

Use the code Sarah20OFF5020 for £20 off Origin Mattress (valid until 26 May 2024)

Oulac Cosmetics

A cruelty-free and affordable makeup brand offering a wide range of fun and colourful products.

Use the code AWOMANSCONFIDENCE for $5 (USD) off Oulac Cosmetics

Perricone MD

An amazing and luxurious skincare with clinically backed products and excellent consumer trials.

Use the code PMDM20 for 20% off Perricone MD

Pumpkin & Spice

A pumpkin-themed skincare line with the most incredible slightly spiced scent ever!

Use the code AWC15 for 15% off Pumpkin & Spice

Refresh Skincare

A fantastic place to get Korean skincare products at affordable price points in the UK.

Use the code AWOMANSCONFIDENCE for 10% off Refresh Skincare

Revox B77

An affordable, cruelty-free skincare and hair care brand offering a wide range of effective products.

Use the code WOMAN10 for 10% off Revox B77 (valid until 31 March 2024)

Sephora UK

Your one-stop to the latest and greatest makeup, skincare, wellness, and haircare products with awesome sales.

Use the code SARAHSSPH for 15% off Sephora UK (excludes some brands)


A great vegan skincare brand offering multifunctional and high-performing products for all of your skin’s needs.

Use the code SARAHBLOG15 for 15% off Skinician (excluding bundles)

The Body Shop

One of my fave places for affordable, effective, and socially conscious skincare, body care, hair care, and more.

Use the code 14315 for 20% off The Body Shop

The Perfect Cosmetics Company

An amazing place for effective and high-quality skincare and makeup products with claims that are proven and backed by clinical trials.

Use the code AWC10 for 10% off The Perfect Cosmetics Company (works worldwide)


A gorgeous vegan and cruelty-free brand inspired by the beauty rituals of Morocco, delivering healthy, glowing skin.

Use the code AWC15 for 15% off your first Whind order (valid until 5 August 2024)

Wild Natural Deodorant

A fantastic vegan and eco-friendly natural deodorant brand that reduces unnecessary packaging and prevents odour all day. There are amazing scents to choose from.

Use the code WOMENSCONFIDENCE for 20% off Wild Natural Deodorant (new customers only)


The number 1 destination for all Asian beauty and fashion. It has an amazing range of K-beauty and J-beauty products to pick.

Use code CONFIDENCE10 for up to 5% off YesStyle