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Here are some exclusive discount codes and referral links for you to bag some money off while shopping for awesome beauty products. And who doesn’t love a good haul and cheaper products?!


The go-to place for all of your beauty device needs, from expert LED devices and hair removal tools to microcurrent gadgets and dermaplaning tech.

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This brand sells high-performing and relatively affordable LED devices to help clear acne.

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The best place to get your own custom dermatology treatments for your exact skin needs. Your prescription changes with your skin, so you always get a solution that works for you.

Use the code SARAHS to get your Dermatica treatment for just £2.90 the first month and 10% off the second month. Click here for UK prescription and here for US prescription

Use the code SARAHS2​ for 10% off the Azelaic Acid 20% Cream (only available in the UK currently)

Eating in London

This handy membership helps busy Londoners save time and money by accessing privately negotiated discounts with top restaurants and online brands.

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Bring the luxury spa experience to your own home with a delightful collection of skincare, body, home, and wellness products.

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A fantastic and well-respected skincare brand that focuses on high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free formulae all at affordable price points. There are plenty of products under £15, so my 30% off makes already-fantastic prices absolutely unmissable.

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Hollywood Browzer

Get perfectly smooth skin at a very affordable price with this iconic dermaplaning tool.

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The best place to get the most gorgeous, high-quality, and modern home décor and furniture for your home.

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Set your creativity on fire with a divine collection of fun, colourful, unique, and effective makeup products in chic black casing.

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Kosame Beauty

The best place to get all of your Korean skincare faves in the UK with super-fast shipping.

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Your one-stop destination for everything beauty with an enormous range of brands to pick from and incredible sales!

Use the code LFTFBLOGSARAH for 20% off all products on this LOOKFANTASTIC list


This brand sells a good range of affordable anti-ageing skincare products.

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A fantastic eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line centred around green rooibos for soothed and hydrated skin.

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Perricone MD

An amazing and luxurious skincare with clinically backed products and excellent consumer trials.

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Pumpkin & Spice

A pumpkin-themed skincare line with the most incredible slightly spiced scent ever!

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ReliableRx Pharmacy

An online pharmacy selling a huge range of products, including beauty products like eyelash growth serums.

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A great vegan skincare brand offering multifunctional and high-performing products for all of your skin’s needs.

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