Valentine’s Day makeup look

Valentine's Day makeup look image

As Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I wanted to create a makeup look for the event inspired by soft, pretty colours. I’m not actually a big fan of Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a big money-making scam that is designed to make people spend lots of money on overpriced food and gifts. It can also leave […]

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Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation image

In this post, I review Giorgio Armani’s Power Fabric foundation. I’d heard such things about Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation, but I knew it wouldn’t be good for my oily skin as it has a more dewy finish. But the Power Fabric foundation is matte and the reviews online are glowing, so I really wanted […]

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My Sephora haul

Sephora haul image

I’ve never written a haul post before, but I always love reading them and they seem really fun (plus I love a good haul), so I decided to write about all the products I bought on my Sephora shopping spree. I did my Sephora haul while I was visiting my sister in France. England doesn’t […]

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