13 must-have summer makeup products you need right now

Must-have summer makeup products image

POV: It’s a hot summer’s day – really hot – and you’ve got a full face of makeup on. Within an hour or so, your makeup begins literally melting off your face. Streaky foundation, smudged mascara and oily lids make for a messy look. Not only does your makeup look patchy, your skin feels heavy, […]

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Project pan 2021 progress report #2

Project pan 2021 progress report #2 image

I’m back with my second project pan 2021 progress this year, which I was really excited to share as I feel like I’ve made quite a lot of progress. A project pan is where you select a certain number of makeup products that you’d like to ‘hit pan on’ during a specified timeframe. This means […]

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Monthly faves: June 2021

June 2021 beauty faves image

For my June beauty faves, I’ve got several makeup and skincare staples to share with you to keep you looking and feeling fresh as the weather gets warmer. As a beauty lover, narrowing down my top 5 products each month can be hard. I’m always trying out new beauty products. But this month wasn’t too […]

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