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6 ways to look pro by wearing pastel makeup

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Guest post by video creation platform InVideo To create the right impression, you need to get your makeup right. Whether it’s a party with close friends or an important corporate presentation, makeup is a vital part of your personality. The best part is you can get makeup like a pro without spending lots of money […]

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Top tips for perfecting wedding makeup

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This is a partnered post Your wedding makeup should be different from your everyday makeup for two reasons. First of all, you need to look good all day and secondly, you will be photographed more than any other day of your life. That said though, you can use the following tips for an engagement photoshoot, […]

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5 tips for conquering impulsive beauty purchases

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In this blog post, I’ve teamed up with Alicia over at Moon Emissary to discuss impulsive makeup purchases and how to overcome them. Alicia’s blog post will explore the signs that you have a makeup buying problem and my blog post will consider how to overcome this issue. We’ll both be answering questions about our […]

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