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BB Skin Ceramide Cream image
Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me for review purposes, but all thoughts are my own and unbiased

BB Skin, Bali Body’s dedicated vegan and cruelty-free skincare line, has just launched the Ceramide Cream.

I was impressed with BB Skin’s range when it first landed at the end of 2022. From the stunning aubergine packaging, effective INCI lists, glow-boosting benefits, and overall performance, the skincare products made my skin look and feel healthy.

The brand-new BB Skin Ceramide Cream promises to be rich and luxurious to intensely nourish and hydrate the skin. But does this moisturiser live up to its claims, or are there more effective and affordable products on the market? I share my honest experience, with before and after photos, in this comprehensive review.

About the BB Skin Ceramide Cream

The BB Skin Ceramide Cream claims to be a rich and luxurious moisturiser that’s suitable for all skin types. This formula is supposed to intensely nourish and hydrate the skin while retaining water in the skin and supporting the skin’s barrier. It’s designed to target uneven skin texture, dryness, and a loss of elasticity for a youthful and radiant complexion.

The moisturiser can be used as a day or night cream but is geared towards night-time use with the thick and silky consistency.

Key ingredients include nourishing jojoba seed oil, soothing green tea leaf extract, 6 different types of barrier-strengthening ceramides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and skin tone-improving niacinamide.

To use this, simply apply 1-2 pumps of the cream all over your face, neck, and decolletage as the last step of your skincare routine at night or the penultimate step during the daytime. (Always apply SPF as the last step in your skincare routine during the day).

Before and after photos

To show you if there are any visible results after applying the BB Skin Ceramide Cream, I took some before and after photos. The first photo shows my skin without the moisturiser, and the second photo shows my skin after applying the moisturiser. I did my usual skincare routine before applying the moisturiser for genuine and realistic results.

You can see that my skin looks more luminous in the after photo. Although there’s not a huge difference in appearance, my skin felt great. More on that below.

Honest BB Skin Ceramide Cream review

After using the BB Skin Ceramide Cream for several weeks (inconsistently, admittedly), I’m impressed with the results.

The moisturiser is free from fragrance, both perfume and essential oils, which is perfect for those who are sensitive to or dislike perfumed skincare. The product doesn’t really smell of anything.

I really enjoy the consistency. It’s rich, fairly thick, and silky. 2 pumps are ample for my face, neck, and decolletage.

BB Skin Ceramide Cream image

Despite being quite thick, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my oily skin. Instead, it’s lightweight and absorbent. My skin feels like it can breathe in this moisturiser. I’ve used moisturisers in the past that are too rich for my skin which have resulted in breakouts. This one hasn’t caused any unwanted pimples.

Because of the lightweight feeling, I can get away with using this in the daytime or nighttime. My preference is to use this cream in the evening, as I always opt for something richer at this time.

After application, my skin feels nourished, soft, hydrated, plump, and smooth. It looks dewy and healthy. My skin also feels protected and restored.

I’ve especially loved using this moisturiser recently to offset any dryness from having central heating on. It doesn’t have any soothing benefits for my rosacea – or, at least, I’ve not noticed any – but this helps my skin feel moisturised.

Where to buy

The BB Skin Ceramide Cream costs £30 for 30ml and can be purchased on the Bali Body website. I think there are cheaper moisturisers out there that will deliver similar results. However, this is effective and feels lovely on the skin.

BB Skin Ceramide Cream image

Do I recommend this moisturiser?

I recommend this moisturiser to anyone wanting hydrated, radiant, and plump skin. People with dry skin will particularly appreciate the rich yet lightweight formula, as it’s nourishing while still letting the skin breathe.

Rating: 4 stars

This is an effective formula with a good INCI list. It’s not my all-time fave, as I prefer moisturisers that offer calming benefits for my rosacea, but I enjoy the formula. It works for my oily and sensitive skin.