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Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me for review purposes, but all thoughts are my own and unbiased

As a lover of luxury skincare products, I was very excited to try a handful of best-sellers from Whind. This vegan and cruelty-free brand is inspired by the beauty rituals of Morocco, delivering healthy, glowing skin, backed by science.

Over the years, I’ve tried tonnes of effective skincare products. I tend to find that skincare that sits at a mid-high price point outperforms drugstore products. But this isn’t always the case, as some expensive products have left me feeling disappointed without any noticeable results.

In this review, I share whether Whind, which sits at the mid-range price point, lives up to my expectations or whether there are more affordable alternatives that perform just as well.

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Products in this review

I’m reviewing the following 3 products:

  1. Medina Dew
  2. Oasis Fresh
  3. Marrakech Sun

Below, I share my honest thoughts on each product before sharing my overall Whind review and whether it’s worth the money.

I was also gifted a Whind reusable cotton pad. However, this isn’t available to purchase, so I’ll share my thoughts at the end.

1. Whind Medina Dew

£42 for 50ml

The Whind Medina Dew is enriched with hydrating glycerin, silky dimethicone, moisturising butylene glycol, and the humectant (retains or preserves moisture) saccharide isomerate, among other ingredients.

I knew from the moment I opened this moisturiser that I’d love it, because of the delightful rose scent and watery texture.

This daytime moisturiser is lightweight, non-greasy, and very refreshing. It feels cooling on the skin and absorbs instantly. There’s no pilling. I’ve tried watery moisturisers in the past that don’t deliver much hydration. But this one leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day.

People with oily skin, like me, will particularly appreciate how light this feels. I also think drier skin will like this moisturiser, as it delivers long-lasting moisture. This is a great moisturiser for skin prep before makeup application, as it makes the base hydrated, smooth, and dewy.

This cream contains fragrance, so that’s something to be aware of if you’re sensitive to perfume in skincare. I love the subtle rose scent. It’s not overpowering, and it doesn’t linger on the skin.

The texture reminds me of the Tatcha Water Cream, but it’s a little bit creamier and delivers the same hydration for way less money. It’s giving the same luxury but at a more affordable price point.

Rating: 5 stars

I can’t fault this moisturiser at all. It meets all its claims and makes my skin look healthy and feel hydrated.

2. Whind Oasis Fresh

£25 for 120ml

The Whind Oasis Fresh jelly cleanser is formulated with emollient and skin-strengthening sunflower seed oil, hydrating glycerin, skin-replenishing caprylic/capric triglyceride, and moisturising coconut oil, among other ingredients.

I really like this jelly cleanser. I never used to be a big fan of jelly textures in skincare, but they’ve grown on me.

This cleanser sits somewhere in between a typical oil cleanser and a lightweight gel cleanser. It’s nourishing and fairly oily but doesn’t feel sticky or leave a greasy residue. The jelly cleanser rinses off easily. After using this, my skin feels hydrated, fresh, clean, and soft. It’s not drying or stripping.

I think this works well as a first or second cleanser. It contains enough oils to easily dissolve lingering skincare, makeup, dirt, and oil on the skin, but it’s lightweight enough to not feel like you’ve got any leftover product on your skin after cleansing. My oily skin gets on very well with this cleanser.

Rating: 4.5 stars

I still prefer a typical gel, balm, or oil formula when it comes to cleanser, but that’s a personal preference. This one does a great job at cleaning my skin and leaving it looking healthy and glowy.

3. Whind Marrakech Sun

£30 for 30ml

The Whind Marrakech Sun is an instant bronzing serum that makes skin look radiant and naturally sunkissed. These bronzing drops aren’t designed to give you a gradual tan throughout the day. Instead, they’re a cheat code to quick, bronzed skin without any sun damage.

The tanning water is infused with hydrating glycerin, caramel for a bronzing colour, tanning colour erythrulose, and moisturising apricot juice, among other ingredients.

You can apply this in multiple ways: directly to the skin, or mixed in with a face oil, serum, or moisturiser. You’re advised to apply 2-3 drops initially, but additional drops increase colour intensity.

I tried applying this bronzing serum in 4 ways: 3 drops mixed in with my serum, 3 drops mixed in with my moisturiser, 6 drops mixed in with my moisturiser, and 6 drops mixed in with my serum.

When I applied 3 drops with my moisturiser, there wasn’t much of an effect. It made my skin more radiant, but there wasn’t much of a bronzed finish. When I applied 3 drops with my serum, the bronze colour came through much more. However, I found that the application was a little patchy around my hairline when I mixed the bronzing serum with my regular serum. You get a more even application when you mix this product in with a moisturiser.

I applied 6 drops with my moisturiser before I went to sleep. In the morning, I assessed my skin in natural light, and it was noticeably bronzed and luminous. The bronzing colour isn’t orange and looks very natural. I also tried mixing 6 drops with my serum. Again, the application wasn’t quite as smooth with the serum when compared to mixing it with the moisturiser, but it still gave a lovely sunkissed glow. The intensity was again deeper when mixed with the serum.

However, I’m sensitive to this bronzing serum when I apply more than 3 drops. On the times when I used 3 drops, I experienced no irritation. But on the times when I applied 6 drops, my face looked a bit puffy. By the end of the day, my skin was quite red and warm to the touch. It didn’t feel sore or uncomfortable, but my skin visibly didn’t get on with the serum.

Rating: 4 stars

I will stick to using 3 drops, as I love the instant bronze and glow. But it’s a shame my skin doesn’t tolerate more than 3 drops, as 3 drops gave a very subtle effect compared to 6 drops.

Is Whind a good brand? Honest review

Whind reusable cotton pad image

To summarise this review, Whind is worth it!

I’m impressed with all 3 products and particularly love the moisturiser. The reusable cotton pad is also lovely! It feels high-quality and is much better for the environment than disposable cotton pads.

Overall, this luxury skincare brand offers strong INCI lists, products that make your skin look and feel healthy, and delightful textures and scents. The moisturiser is my fave. It’s a shame I’ve got some sensitivity with the bronzing drops, but I can definitely make them work for my skin.

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