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In this blog post, I discuss 5 different US beauty brands that I wish were more readily available in the UK.

Being from England, I often don’t have access to some of the amazing US beauty brands or their awesome sales. Sometimes the brand is simply not available in the UK or the shipping prices and customs charges are just extortionate.

Keep on reading to see which 5 US beauty brands I wish I could more easily get my hands on in the UK.

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1. EM Cosmetics

What is EM Cosmetics?

Founded by popular US beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan, EM Cosmetics is a cruelty-free makeup brand that’s designed to work for even the most sensitive skin. The brand creates high-quality formulas that help you to embrace your natural inner beauty.

Availability in the UK

Until more recently, EM Cosmetics never shipped to the UK. I had to ask my sister to get some products for me from her trip to the US a few years ago, as I desperately wanted to try the brand.

Now, the brand does ship to the UK, but expect to be hit by potential customs charges, import duties, and very pricey shipping costs. Prices for shipping start at around £21 for the UK, which is pretty extortionate. It makes it difficult to justify getting these products in the UK!

Products I want to try from EM Cosmetics

Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette, So Soft Multi Faceplay Bronze + Sculpt

2. Colourpop

What is Colourpop?

Colourpop is a hugely popular makeup brand that offers a massive range of high-quality and very affordable products. The brand’s Super Shock Shadows are a cult classic. People are continually impressed by Colourpop’s ability to create highly pigmented products that don’t break the bank.

Availability in the UK

There is no retailer, either physical or online, in the UK that sells Colourpop currently. You can’t just pop into Boots for the latest Colourpop palette. Instead, you can only buy directly from Colourpop’s website.

Thankfully, shipping prices aren’t too extortionate. There’s a $9.99 USD flat shipping rate for all orders under $60. For orders $60 and above, international shipping is free. However, orders are subject to potential customs and duty charges, so buying from Colourpop can end up being fairly pricey.

Products I want to try from Colourpop

Stone Cold Fox Shadow Palette

3. Krave Beauty

What is Krave Beauty?

Founded by YouTube OG Liah Yoo, Krave Beauty is a brand that’s designed to work for sensitive skin and make skincare uncomplicated. The products are hard-working, effective, simple, and help strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Availability in the UK

Up until recently, Krave Beauty was unavaiable in the UK.

Now, the website ships to the UK. However, all orders are subject to potential customs charges and import fees. Shipping to the UK costs around £13. This isn’t the worst international shipping fee I’ve come across, but it’s still fairly pricey.

You can also buy Krave Beauty products from Stylevana.

Products I want to try from Krave Beauty

Oil La La

4. iNNBeauty Project

What is INNBeauty Project?

Founded by Alisa Metzger and Jen Shane, INNBeauty Project is an affordable, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty brand. The products are designed to be highly effective, and the brand very much gives off ‘clean girl’ vibes.

Availability in the UK

INNBeauty Project is currently unavailable in the UK. The brand only ships to the US and Puerto Rico.

However, I’m hopeful this will change in a few years ago. When I first wrote this post back in 2020, there were a lot of US beauty brands that were not available in the UK. But, since revisiting this post in 2024, so many brands are not available in the UK. A fair few still come with customs charges or very high shipping costs, but that’s still better than not being available at all!

Products I want to try from INNBeauty Project

Extra Glaze Glazed Donut Lip Oil, Face Glaze Highlighting Gel Cream

5. Mented Cosmetics

What is Mented Cosmetics?

Founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, Mented Cosmetics began after a conversation about why it was so difficult for black people to find the perfect nude lipstick.

Since then, the black-owned beauty brand has created a beautiful range of makeup products that cater to every skin tone.

Availability in the UK

When I first wrote this post, Mented Cosmetics did not ship to the UK. Although the brand isn’t available in any UK stores, it now ships to the UK.

The website doesn’t state whether orders are subject to customs charges or import duties, but I think it’s likely. Shipping costs around £8 to the UK, which is very reasonable compared to a lot of other US beauty brands on this list.

Products I want to try from Mented Cosmetics

Semi-Matte Lipstick, High Brow Pencil and Bronzer