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In this blog post, I’ve teamed up with one of my favourite beauty bloggers – The Newbury Girl – to discuss 5 different beauty brands that we wish were available in each other’s country.

Being from England, I often don’t have access to some of the amazing US beauty brands or their awesome sales. Sometimes the brand is simply not available in the UK or the shipping prices and custom charges are just extortionate.

Me and The Newbury Girl often discuss the different beauty brands that we wish were available in one another’s country and thought it would be fun to share our thoughts in a collaborative post.

Keep on reading to see which 5 US beauty brands I wish I could more easily get my hands on in the UK. Plus, don’t forget to check out The Newbury Girl’s post to see which European beauty brands she wishes were available in the US!

1. Kylie Cosmetics

What is Kylie Cosmetics?

Owned by Instagram icon Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics is a popular US beauty brand that is loved by many makeup enthusiasts. The brand became well-known for its infamous lip kits, but Kylie Cosmetics has also expanded into eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, brow products, blushers and more.

Availability in the UK

The first US beauty brand that I wish was easier to get hold of in the UK is Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics can be shipped to the UK for free if you spend over £47, but after factoring in customs, it can be pretty expensive.

Unless I set out to do a major haul, I don’t like feeling like I have to spend a certain amount of money on one brand to access products for a reasonable price. Spending £47 on Kylie Cosmetics plus customs means you’re looking at spending an easy £60 before you can get your hands on the products.

I wish Kylie Cosmetics had a lower spending limit for free international shipping, or cheaper international shipping prices (because £12 on shipping is NOT it), as it would make the US beauty brand easier to access in the UK.

I’ve managed to find a few Kylie Cosmetics steals from Depop, but I’ve never bought from the makeup brand directly.

Products I want to try from Kylie Cosmetics

Slept On High Gloss, Kylie Matte Lip Kit and the Kendall Collection Bundle

2. Tatcha

What is Tatcha?

Tatcha is a luxurious skincare company that marries together Japanese and American beauty. It’s a well-known beauty brand in the US. The Silk Canvas Primer and The Deep Cleanse are two of its most iconic products.

Availability in the UK

If you think Kylie Cosmetics’ shipping is on the pricey side, wait until you hear Tatcha‘s shipping prices! Shipping to the UK costs an eye-watering £27 and free international shipping is only granted when you spend £195.

Quite frankly, I think those shipping prices are ridiculous. I’d never spend that much on shipping or feel like I need to spend close to £200 for free shipping. Ludicrous.

However, luckily enough, my sister went to America last year and as part of my America beauty product haul, I asked her to get me Tatcha The Deep Cleanse. Alongside the stunning packaging, I really liked this gel cleanser. Refreshing, gentle and lightweight, I’d 100% try it again. When my sister next visits America, I’ll be asking her to repurchase this!

It’s a shame that the shipping costs are so expensive because I’d never spend close to £30 on shipping, especially because some of the products are around that price point themselves! However, the products sound incredible, so I feel like I’m missing out.

Products I want to try from Tatcha

The Silk Canvas and The Rice Polish

3. LORAC Cosmetics

What is LORAC Cosmetics?

Known for effortless, red carpet style and skin-friendly ingredients, LORAC quickly became a favorite indie beauty brand of PRO artists and A-list celebrities alike.

LORAC Cosmetics

Availability in the UK

Unfortunately, LORAC Cosmetics is not available in the UK, as this US beauty brand only ships within the USA. This sucks because some of the eyeshadow palettes and lip glosses, in particular, look fantastic.

I’ve heard great things about LORAC Cosmetics across the American beauty community. I love that the beauty brands categorises its products into different, such as ‘pro’, ‘alter ego’ and ‘TANtalizer’.

For instance, LORAC describes its Unizpped line as:

Unleash your natural beauty with a collection of universally flattering eye shadow palettes. Effortlessly blendable, highly-pigmented, long-lasting and silky-smooth.

LORAC Cosmetics

This is a cool touch so when my sister goes to America again, I’ll certainly be asking her to bring me a few LORAC goodies back!

Products I want to try from LORAC Cosmetics

LUX Diamond Lip Gloss.

4, KKW Beauty

What is KKW Beauty?

Founded by media personality superstar Kim Kardashian West, KKW Beauty is another popular US beauty brand. It’s well known for its sultry nude makeup products and must-have Crème Contour Stick.

Availability in the UK

Similar to Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty is available in the UK, but after you’ve factored in pricier shipping costs and customs charges, placing an order can be fairly pricey.

Shipping to the UK costs around £12. Although this isn’t awful, it’s still fairly pricey and from what I can work out, there’s no option for free international shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. Again, custom charges could mean that you’re spending an easy £22 from the get-go just to cover shipping costs and customs before you’ve even spent any money.

I’ve got to admit, there are lots of products I’d love to try from KKW Beauty. I really like the theme of natural glam and nude-inspired collections. I prefer KKW Beauty to Kylie Cosmetics when looking at the two Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ makeup lines.

For these reasons, I probably wouldn’t mind paying more for shipping and customs. However, I wish this US beauty brand was cheaper to access in England as I’d be far more compelled to make some purchases.

5. Mented Cosmetics

What is Mented Cosmetics?

Founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, Mented Cosmetics began after a conversation about why it was so difficult for black people to find the perfect nude lipstick.

Since then, the black-owned beauty brand has created a beautiful range of makeup products that cater to every skin tone.

Availability in the UK

Unfortunately, this US beauty brand is not available in the UK, as the brand only ships to locations within the US. However, the website says that international shipping will become available in the future, so I’m going to keep a lookout for that!

I love how vibrant Mented Cosmetics’ products looks. It truly seems like there’s something for everyone and we stan’ an inclusive makeup brand!

Hopefully, this brand will introduce international shipping so I can get my hands on some of the awesome makeup products.

Products I want to try from Mented Cosmetics

Semi-Matte Lipstick, High Brow Pencil and Bronzer