Last Updated on 31st October 2020 by Sarah Sarsby

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Something a little bit different for the blog, I decided to share 10 things I am grateful for.

In my Happiness Planner, you’re prompted to write down what you’re grateful for each day to help you become a more mindful, positive person. This is something I never really saw the point of before but has helped me realise that I have a lot to celebrate in life.

Rather than focusing on the negatives of the day, you’re encouraged to focus on the good. It’s like the law of attraction: if you think positively, good things will come to you.

With that in mind, here is my list of 10 things that I’m grateful for.

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1. My support system

First and foremost, I’m truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

My family are incredible and I cherish them so much. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is perfect for me and puts me first at all times. I’m lucky to have some true friends who always have my back no matter what.

I’m somebody who needs to talk when I have an issue, whether big or small, but my support system makes this so easy. I always have a shoulder to cry on, somebody to confide in or somebody to cheer me up and make me laugh.

I value the people in my life and couldn’t ask for anything more.

2. My health

In many ways, this is the thing I’m most grateful for.

I have psoriatic arthritis, which affects both my knees and my left ankle. Thankfully, I don’t have psoriasis, but there was a time where my joints were incredibly painful.

I’d wake up crying because the pain was excruciating, I could barely walk and at its worst, I almost had to quit everything. I felt bitter and like it was really unfair to be lumbered with an autoimmune disease that was completely out of my control.

But I’m so grateful that the medication I’m on works. I couldn’t have ever envisaged getting back to a point where everything was fine.

Are my joints completely normal? No. But, they’re so much better than before and the pain has completely gone away. I’m even able to exercise now.

Although having a chronic disease is hardly something I want, it has helped me appreciate things a lot more and changed my outlook on life. I’m a stronger person from the condition and it has taught me that I am a fighter and I won’t let anything get in my way.

3. My job

Something that I’m not sure many people can confidently say, but I’m really happy in my job.

I’m on the path I chose to be on and I worked really hard to put the steps in place to get the job I wanted. I didn’t want to settle for a mundane job where I dreaded waking up in the morning because I didn’t want to go to work.

My efforts paid off and I now work full-time as an editor and content writer.

I’m grateful that I’m in a job where I can grow, learn and put my years of study into practice. I’m lucky that my boss is awesome because he has taught me so much and is very humble and encouraging – something I’m also very thankful for.

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4. The people I no longer speak to

Maybe an ex, or a friend I’ve fallen out with, or somebody who wronged me, I’m grateful these people are no longer in my life.

I’ve found that these are the people who have taught me the most about myself and have allowed me to reflect and grow. You don’t need to settle for a shit friend or a guy who isn’t treating you right. You deserve more.

Dropping toxic people who are not benefitting your life is one of the best things you can do. I might have a smaller friendship circle now, but they’re a circle I can rely on. Having one genuine friend counts for more than 10 bad friends.

5. My willingness to learn and improve

So many people just settle. If that’s what they want from life, that’s perfectly fine, but I’m somebody with aspirations, goals and dreams.

I’m grateful that I’m willing to learn. Having an open mind and always feeling like there’s more to know will do you so many favours in life. Nobody is a complete book, so soaking up as much knowledge as you can will never be a bad thing.

I’m willing to take criticism and grow from it. I’m willing to take extra time out of my day to learn something new. For this, I’m grateful because I hope this will allow me to achieve everything I want in life.

6. My blog

Y’all already knew this one would make the cut. But yes, of course I’m grateful for my blog.

It feels so great having my own, dedicated space to talk about all the things I love. I can’t believe how much A Woman’s Confidence has grown in under a year and it makes me feel very hopeful for the future.

I’ve met some fab people on this blogging journey too, both in terms of great bloggers and lovely people.

7. My skin

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I’m actually grateful for my skin. It’s not perfect, but it’s not problematic at all and, in recent years, I’ve had more and more compliments on my skin looking healthy and radiant.

The reason I’m grateful is that I put a lot of time (and money) into my skin. I love learning about skincare and reading which products are good for which problems, so I’m pleased to see that this knowledge has helped my skin look good.

I wish I didn’t have blackheads and that it wouldn’t get so oily, but all in all, I’m happy with the skin I’m in.

8. My prospects

I feel positive about my future and what lies in store for me. I work hard and continuously try to improve myself, so I hope these traits will carry me into my dream lifestyle.

I’m not worried about not having prospects in the future or having a mid-life crisis when I look back on my life wondering what the hell went wrong.

Affirmation: I will have a successful future.

The greatest barrier to my success is myself, but I believe great things are coming my way.

9. Meeting Mckenzie

Meeting my boyfriend Mckenzie has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I’ve always had a brilliant family and some excellent friends, but Mckenzie has completed this circle.

He has taught me to be more secure, patient, calm, maturity and most importantly, he has helped me see my own worth. He’s such a huge inspiration to me and I admire him.

Without turning this section into a cringey mush, I love Mckenzie to pieces and can’t wait to share my future with such a perfect man. I’m still baffled I managed to find someone so wonderful, but I’m not complaining!

10. A sense of belonging

I’ve not always felt included growing up, which I know so many people feel, but I finally feel a sense of belonging.

I’m on the right track, in a great job, surrounded by people who love and support me, I’ve got my shit sorted and I’m confident in the person I’ve become. There are still some insecurities I need to shake, but I’m grateful for this life I’m living.

You know what, I truly am happy.

What are you grateful for? Are you happy in the life you’re living? What are your goals and dreams?