5 US beauty brands that I wish were available in the UK

US beauty brands that I wish were available in the UK image

In this blog post, I discuss 5 different US beauty brands that I wish were more readily available in the UK. Being from England, I often don’t have access to some of the amazing US beauty brands or their awesome sales. Sometimes the brand is simply not available in the UK or the shipping prices […]

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5 beauty products I’m unimpressed with

Beauty products image

Most of the beauty products I talk about on A Woman’s Confidence are ones that have impressed me and that I want to give glowing reviews (such as in last month’s beauty faves). However, sometimes, you come across a product that isn’t for you or, quite frankly, just sucks. This post is about 5 beauty […]

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Monthly faves: October 2019

October faves image

It’s time for another instalment of my monthly faves series where I share my top 5 beauty products for the month, with this post rounding up my October loves. In my September faves post, I mentioned that I’d made a vow to myself to stop buying so many makeup and skincare products. And I’ve got […]

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