Skincare product reviews

4 gentle, affordable and effective skincare products to try from Geek & Gorgeous

Geek & Gorgeous skincare products image

If you’re looking to incorporate some new, inexpensive, calming and effective products into your skincare routine, then you’ll enjoy reading my latest Geek & Gorgeous review. My previous Geek & Gorgeous skincare review is actually one of my most popular blog posts. Due to the uncomplicated INCI lists and effective formulae, Geek & Gorgeous is […]

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DemarkQ skin light therapy device review

DemarkQ POW image

Have you ever wanted to try skin light therapy but found the professional options to be too expensive? Today, I’m reviewing DemarkQ POW, which is an affordable at-home device combining blue and red lights. LED light therapy is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red, yellow and blue, to target different […]

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