Project pan

Project pan 2021 progress report #1

Project pan 2021 progress report #1 image

After embarking on an ambitious project pan at the beginning of 2021, I’ve got my first progress report to share with you. A project pan is where you select a certain number of makeup products that you’d like to ‘hit pan on’ during a specified timeframe. This means using up a certain number of makeup […]

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Final project pan 2020 update

Project pan 2020 image

After what feels like quite a long year of panning 20 makeup products, I’m going to share my final progress report for my project pan 2020. I began my project pan 2020 in April with an aim of using up 20 makeup products by the end of the year. This was quite ambitious for somebody […]

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The Project Panner Tag

Project pan bronzer image

I first saw The Project Panner Tag on my wonderful blogging friend’s – The Newbury Girl – website. This year, I started my first project pan and thought The Project Panner Tag would be a fun and interesting tag to participate in, as I feel I’ve learned about my makeup habits since starting it. Project […]

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