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Disclaimer: Procoal Skincare gifted me these products for review purposes, but all of my opinions remain unbiased and honest

In this blog post, I’m going to be reviewing the Procoal Skincare brand and which products you need to check out.

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thanks to Procoal Skincare for sending me some products to try. I’m a skincare junkie, so any time I get new products I can’t wait to try them out. Procoal Skincare is also affordable, which is great news for people who don’t want to drop lots of money on a product.

But just how good is the Procoal Skincare range? I share my unbiased and sincere thoughts in this blog post, so please keep on reading.

** This post contains some affiliate links. This means at no extra cost to you, I earn some commission if you purchase a product through my link. All thoughts are my own, though, as always. If you want to find out more, visit my affiliate disclosure page **

What is Procoal Skincare?

Procoal Skincare is a UK-based indie skincare brand that is inexpensive and aims to be eco-friendly. The company sells a range of products that come in fully recyclable packaging, including the innovative cleansing eggs, which seriously reduce waste.

Launched in 2016 as an independent skincare brand, we intend to remain uncompromising in our mission of creating skincare products that maximise the benefits for people and minimise the impact on the environment.

Procoal Skincare

What products did I receive from Procoal Skincare?

Procoal Skincare kindly sent me 6 skincare and body care products to try:

  1. Pink Clay Face Mask
  2. Salicylic Egg Cleanser
  3. Exfoliating Soap Bar
  4. Overnight Face Mask
  5. Glycolic Egg Cleanser
  6. Charcoal Face Scrub

Below, I’m going to go into more detail on the ingredients, prices and my thoughts on each individual product. There’s a lot to get through, so stay tuned!

1. Procoal Skincare Pink Clay Face Mask


Procoal Skincare Pink Clay Face Mask image

Product claims

The Pink Clay Face Mask promises to invigorate the skin, minimise the appearance of pores and give you a gorgeous glow.

Experience an infinitely beautiful texture, a delicate and addictive scent and its immediate and long-term results.

Procoal Skincare

Providing gentle exfoliation, this pink clay face mask also claims to brighten and soothe the skin, while helping to get rid of stubborn blackheads.

Key ingredients

  • Bentonite: a type of clay that is used as an absorbent in cosmetics. It’s particularly helpful for oilier skin types
  • Kaolin: naturally occurring clay mineral used in cosmetics for its absorbent properties. Again, it’s good for oilier skins
  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride: derived from coconut oil and glycerin, this ingredient is considered an excellent emollient (softening and smoothing the skin) and skin-replenishing ingredient
  • Glycerine: known for its hydrating properties
  • Zinc oxide: inert earth mineral used as a thickening, lubricating, and sunscreen active ingredient in cosmetics

My thoughts

The Pink Clay Face Mask is great because although it has some absorbent ingredients, which is great for helping draw excess oil, the mask is well balanced with hydrating and softening ingredients. The result is gently exfoliated skin that feels smoother after use, without feeling stripped or dry.

This face mask feels so soft too. Some clay-based face masks can feel quite gritty and I’ve often found these masks to be quite difficult to remove from the skin. However, Procoal Skincare’s pink clay mask is just as easy to remove as it is to apply, meaning you don’t have to scrub hard at the skin, which can be aggravating.

After using the face mask, your skin feels softer and appears more radiant. My skin isn’t as oily as it used to be but the pink clay mask does help get rid of excess grease.

For those with more sensitive and oily skin, this mask is gentle enough so as to not be irritating but still helps keep oil at bay. If you dislike fragrance, this face mask does contain some perfume.

Rating: 4.5 stars

The Pink Clay Face Mask is awesome. Easy to use with great results. It’s not my favourite face mask ever but I’d certainly purchase it with my own money.

2. Procoal Skincare Salicylic Egg Cleanser


Procoal Skincare Salicylic Egg Cleanser image

Product claims

The Procoal Skincare Salicylic Egg Cleanser is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from SLS and SLES (ingredients that can be stripping in skincare).

Made with 2% Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, this salicylic face cleanser targets breakouts, acne and enlarged pores for a fresh and clarified complexion.

Procoal Skincare

Procoal Skincare says that this salicylic acid cleanser will also deeply exfoliate the skin, target breakouts and blemishes, and deliver visible benefits for trouble-prone skin types.

Key ingredients

  • Sodium palmate: a soap ingredient created by the salts of acids derived from palm oil. Paula’s Choice says this ingredient can be drying
  • Sodium palm kernelate: cleansing agent
  • Fragrance: you already know what fragrance is lol. Some people find perfume in skincare irritating but I personally like it
  • Palm kernel acid: a mixture of fatty acids derived from palm oil. Used as a cleansing agent, emulsifier, or to add opacity to cosmetic products
  • Salicylic acid: the only beta hydroxy acid (BHA), which exfoliates the skin. It’s particularly good for oilier skin types as the BHA exfoliates inside the pores as well as the skin’s surface

My thoughts

I really like the salicylic acid cleanser. It smells lovely and works into a lather easily, which makes cleansing in the morning quick and easy.

My favourite thing about this salicylic acid cleanser is the fact that it’s a solid egg. This reduces waste and packaging, which I’m all here for, as the beauty industry is notorious for not using recyclable packaging and being very wasteful. However, this eco-friendly cleanser only comes in a cardboard outer box, which can be recycled.

Since using this cleanser, my skin feels a bit smoother. It’s definitely not as drastic as using a dedicated exfoliant as you wash the product off your face. However, getting in a bit of extra exfoliation is nice.

As I mentioned in the key ingredients section, fragrance appears very high up the INCI list. I’m fine with this as I like fragrance skincare. I don’t mind if fragrance doesn’t have skincare too, so I’m cool with either. But, people who dislike fragrance in their skincare products or find it irritating will definitely want to avoid this cleanser.

Also, whilst I wouldn’t describe this cleanser as “harsh”, I wouldn’t describe it as particularly nourishing or gentle either, so I think people with particularly dry skin might want to avoid it. On the other hand, I think people with normal/combination/oilier skin will love this cleanser.

Rating: 4 stars

I like this cleanser. The fact it’s vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly is a massive tick for me. It’s not my favourite cleanser ever but I love that it’s affordable.

3. Procoal Skincare Exfoliating Soap Bar


Procoal Skincare Exfoliating Soap Bar image

Product claims

The Exfoliating Soap Bar promises not to be too harsh or gentle on the body, helping to exfoliate and refine the skin.

Use this body soap once and you will get hooked on it.

Procoal Skincare

Featuring a “divine” scent of roses, this soap bar claims to deeply clean the body, help retain the body’s moisture balance, and leave skin feeling soft and supple to the touch.

Key ingredients

  • Sodium palmate: a soap ingredient created by the salts of acids derived from palm oil. Paula’s Choice says this ingredient can be drying
  • Sodium palm kernelate: cleansing agent
  • Glycerin: known for its hydrating properties
  • Palm kernel acid: a mixture of fatty acids derived from palm oil. Used as a cleansing agent, emulsifier, or to add opacity to cosmetic products
  • Shea butter: known for its smoothing and nourishing properties

My thoughts

Although the full ingredients list is different, I was interested to see that the ingredients featuring the highest up the INCI list were virtually the same as the Salicylic Egg Cleanser. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just found it intriguing.

Actually, though, the Exfoliating Soap Bar is my favourite product that Procoal Skincare sent to me.

I definitely agree with Procoal Skincare that this body bar isn’t too harsh on the skin or too gentle but the level of exfoliation is spot on. As the skin on the body isn’t as delicate as our face and neck, you can get away with harsher exfoliation. This exfoliating body bar scrubs away dead skin cells with ease but doesn’t feel unfriendly on the skin whatsoever.

And the scent is just divine. It smells strongly of roses, which I love in body care products, and this makes for a more luxurious experience. After using the exfoliating bar, my skin feels super soft and smooth.

If you love the smell of roses and enjoy body exfoliants, you’ve just go to try this product. It’s amazing.

Rating: 5 stars

This is easily the best body exfoliant I’ve tried. Gorgeous.

4. Procoal Skincare Overnight Face Mask


Procoal Skincare Overnight Face Mask image

Product claims

The Overnight Face Mask claims to minimise the damaging effects of pollution and give your skin a boost of hydration.

Put indoor and outdoor pollution to bed with this overnight anti-pollution face mask. 

Procoal Skincare

Boasting a luxurious and creamy formula, this overnight face mask promises to be deeply hydrating, relaxing, and suitable for dull, dry and ageing complexions.

Key ingredients

  • Shea butter: known for its smoothing and nourishing properties
  • Cetearyl alcohol: used as an emollient, texture enhancer, foam stabiliser, and carrying agent for other ingredients
  • Propanediol: enhances the absorption of ingredients into the skin
  • Glyceryl stearate: used as an emollient, surfactant, and emulsifier
  • Ethyl macadamiate: softens and conditions the skin

My thoughts

Based on the description and the top 5 ingredients listed on the INCI list (besides water), I thought I’d love this product. However, out of the products gifted me, the Overnight Face Mask is my least favourite.

Firstly, I’m not a fan of the scent. I’m not entirely sure what it is but it has quite an earthy scent? Whatever it is, I’m not digging it.

Secondly, I dislike the application method. You apply a generous layer of the mask, after cleansing, and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. Then, you wipe off the excess and let that stay on the skin overnight.

I wasn’t sure whether to apply it directly after cleansing or after applying other products in my night-time routine. It sounds like it should be the last step in your night-time routine in place of a night cream but because you wipe away excess product, I didn’t want it to take off any serums or facial oils I’d applied?

On the flip side, applying the mask directly after cleansing confused me because the texture is quite heavy/sticky, so applying serums over the top of the product doesn’t seem right either. I go with this option but generally just apply a night cream on top of the overnight mask with no other steps.

The texture is pretty odd too. It’s quite heavy but doesn’t melt into the skin at all. It’s certainly not greasy but I didn’t find it very absorbent.

However, the Overnight Face Mask does provide some nourishment. My skin does feel a bit softer after using this product. But personally, I’d much rather use a luxurious facial oil or night cream to get some extra moisture into my skin.

Also, I’m not sure how I’d measure how well this face mask works at minimising the effects of pollution.

Rating: 2 stars

It’s not awful, I just don’t personally get on with this product. You might feel very differently, though!

5. Procoal Skincare Glycolic Egg Cleanser


Procoal Skincare Glycolic Egg Cleanser image

Product claims

A 100% vegan formula, the Glycolic Egg Cleanser is free from SLS and SLES while promoting gentle exfoliation to reveal fresher skin. Procoal Skincare says this cleanser will deeply clean the skin, without drying or stripping it.

Made with 2% Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera and Rosa Gallica, this glycolic face cleanser targets congested pores, dead skin cells and uneven texture. 

Procoal Skincare

Procoal Skincare claims that this cleansing egg is suitable for all skin types.

Key ingredients

  • Sodium palmate: a soap ingredient created by the salts of acids derived from palm oil. Paula’s Choice says this ingredient can be drying
  • Sodium palm kernelate: cleansing agent
  • Glycolic acid: a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that exfoliates the skin. It can help shed dead skin to renew skin’s surface, visibly softening the signs of ageing. This is one of the most popular and effective AHAs
  • Fragrance: can potentially be irritating to those with sensitive skin
  • Palm kernel acid: a mixture of fatty acids derived from palm oil. Used as a cleansing agent, emulsifier, or to add opacity to cosmetic products

My thoughts

Out of the two solid cleansers from Procoal Skincare, the Glycolic Egg Cleanser is my favourite. This has a nice, fresh and slightly sweet scent and lathers like a dream. The result is smooth and clean skin that feels soft to the touch.

As with the soap bar and salicylic egg, the glycolic cleanser is also heavily fragranced. Again, I like this with my skincare products and I find it gives a more luxurious experience. However, I know many people dislike fragrance in skincare or find it irritating, so this cleanser wouldn’t be a good option.

For the record, perfume in cleansers isn’t as “bad” as it is in other skincare products, as you wash the cleanser off your face, so it doesn’t linger on the skin. But it’s still worth pointing out.

Other than this, I think the cleanser is great. I find this one a bit grippier than the salicylic egg, so lathering it in between my hands is a bit easier. I also love the colour of the Glycolic Egg Cleanser – it’s such a pretty pink!

Again, I really appreciate that this cleanser is vegan and cruelty-free, with very minimal packaging. The cardboard box it comes in is 100% recyclable and the fact it’s a solid cleanser means there’s no wasteful packaging. This is a fantastic step in the right direction and I hope more companies take this eco-friendly approach to their skincare products going forwards.

This cleanser might a little stripping for particularly sensitive or dry skin types but if you’re good with fragranced skincare, this would be a great product to try.

Rating: 4 stars

I’ve still used cleansers I prefer but I’d definitely recommend the Glycolic Egg Cleanser. It’s a fantastic option for people not wanting to spend much on their cleansers too as it lasts ages.

6. Procoal Skincare Charcoal Face Scrub


Procoal Skincare Charcoal Face Scrub image

Product claims

The Charcoal Face Scrub promises to leave your skin feeling super smooth, cleansed and fresh. Providing exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells, this scrub also claims to restore the skin’s water balance.

From day one, we knew this would be a cult product and we weren’t wrong.

Procoal Skincare

Key ingredients

  • Stearic acid: helps to protect the skin’s surface against water loss and helps shore up skin’s protective barrier
  • Coco caprylate/caprate: an emollient
  • Glycerin: known for its hydrating properties
  • Pumice: a type of volcanic rock that can potentially be abrasive on the skin
  • Cetyl alcohol: an emollient and thickener used in skincare products

My thoughts

In my opinion, the Charcoal Face Scrub is decent but nothing special. After using the face scrub, my skin feels a bit softer and smoother but I think it’s more instant gratification than long-term benefits.

Personally, I get on better with, and prefer, chemical exfoliators (products you leave on the skin to do their work) over mechanical exfoliators (products where you scrub your skin to get exfoliation). Generally, I find mechanical exfoliators more abrasive and not as effective.

Whilst the Charcoal Face Scrub does exfoliate the skin, I think this formula would be too harsh for sensitive skin types. The pumice is fairly rough, so some people could find this irritating.

It’s interesting, though, because this product seems very popular with Procoal Skincare and has plenty of stellar reviews. If you’re into mechanical exfoliators, this is still one of the better ones I’ve used, so it’s worth checking out.

However, if, like me, you prefer chemical exfoliators, I don’t think this product will be for you.

Rating: 3 stars

Okay but not great.

Overall review of Procoal Skincare

Procoal Skincare products image

I think that Procoal Skincare has some great, affordable skincare products available. I love the fact that this brand takes an ethical and eco-friendly approach to its products. Plus, they work!

Interestingly, the solid bar products were my favourites. I didn’t think this would be the case but I love the fragrance and experience of using these products. They’re all aesthetically pleasing and look amazing in photos.

The Pink Clay Face Mask is also excellent. It’s one of the few clay face masks I’ve used that feels soft and non-abrasive on application, making it a better choice for those with drier and more sensitive skin.

I’m not wild about the overnight mask or face scrub but for people on a budget, they’re certainly options to explore.

Favourite product?

The Exfoliating Soap Bar. This product is so luxurious because it makes my body feel so soft and smooth. It also smells unreal. It would be a brilliant gift for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner.

Where to buy

You can buy all of these products from Procoal Skincare. The items shipped super quickly and there is free UK delivery for orders over £30, which is awesome.

Procoal Skincare also ships internationally but be aware that there might be customs charges.


I think Procoal Skincare is a great, affordable and eco-friendly indie skincare brand. A lot of the products are vegan and cruelty-free too, which I appreciate. I’d certainly try more products from the brand in the future!