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Disclaimer: The PMD Clean was gifted to me, but all of my opinions remain unbiased and honest

I’ve often wondered whether beauty gadgets and devices are bit of a gimmick. A big part of me has always been intrigued by them and another part of me has always been sceptical about them. How much cleaner can a facial cleansing device really get your face?

So, when PMD Beauty reached out to me asking if I wanted to try the PMD Clean facial cleansing device, I was very curious to see how I’d get on with it. Would it add to my skincare routine or would it be another fad trend?

After trying out the PMD Clean for about a month, I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts about it. This review will inform you about whether or not you should invest in the facial cleansing device.

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What is PMD Beauty?

PMD Beauty offers a range of smart beauty tools and skincare products. Although PMD Clean is probably PMD Beauty’s most popular and iconic product, the brand also offers microdermabrasion tools, lip plumping products and face masks.

PMD Clean claims

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The PMD Clean is a smart facial cleansing device. With over 7,000 vibrations per minute, our SonicGlow™ technology not only ensures a deep cleanse, but operates at a perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone problem areas for a more youthful appearance.

PMD Beauty

Made from silicone and available in 6 different colours – such as rose gold, teal and black – PMD Clean has 4 different vibration modes: 2 for cleansing and 2 for anti-ageing. The front of the head is used for the 2 cleansing modes and the back of the head is used for the 2 anti-ageing modes. Additionally, the device is waterproof and powered by AA batteries for convenience.

Some of the key benefits this smart facial cleansing device is supposed to deliver are:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Minimising the appearance of blackheads
  • Reducing oil congestion
  • Lifting, firming and toning the skin

My experience of using PMD Clean

First things first, I’m in love with the colour of this facial cleanser – baby pink and rose gold can do no wrong. I think if the device looked more gadget-y, I’d be less inclined to use it. However, the simple look makes me want to use the product more.

The product feels lightweight and soft in your hand, making handling the device easy. After all, you don’t want to hold a heavy device up to your face for extended periods of time.

I love that there are 4 different vibration modes as it gives you variety when you wash your face or massage products into the skin. You use modes 1 and 2 – which vibrate constantly – when cleansing and you use modes 3 and 4 – which pulse – to massage serums and moisturisers into the skin.

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I actually prefer using the PMD Clean to massage serums and moisturisers into my skin. To do this, you apply the product directly onto the back of the head of the facial cleansing device and then use mode 3 or 4 to massage the product into the skin. This process is so relaxing and therapeutic plus it makes my skin feel soft.

When using the gadget to cleanse my face, I find it doesn’t lather up my ARK Skincare Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser as well as using just my hands. Again, it’s a very relaxing process and makes my skin feel soft, but I think I can get more out of my gel cleansers by just using my hands and water.

As a side note, the fact that the device uses batteries is a huge plus for me. This means you don’t need to worry about wires and charging, which can be annoying. I’ve been using PMD Clean most days for the last 4 weeks and I’ve not had to replace my initial AA battery yet.

Results from using PMD Clean

The PMD Clean has improved my skin tone. My skin tone is more even and dare I say more radiant too? Maybe some of this is down to my skincare routine but I’d say that it’s mostly the work of the device.

However, I wouldn’t say the gadget has lifted or firmed my skin. Maybe a more mature skin would notice the benefits of the smart cleansing device more than me, though.

When looking back over the claims, I’m not convinced that the product provides more of a deep cleanse than just using your hands. It’s more stimulating and fun to use the PMD Clean, sure, but not more effective.

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I also don’t think the gadget has reduced oil congestion. Although, it has minimised the appearance of blackheads around my nose. I’m hoping that with continued use, PMD Clean will banish my blackheads for good!

Interestingly, though, the biggest results I’ve seen from using the facial cleanser is that it makes my skin feel very soft and smooth. I don’t know if the device is supposed to do this, but I’ve definitely noticed these benefits. Plus, the process of using the tool is relaxing, which is an added bonus.


All in all, I’ve really enjoyed using PMD Clean. It looks fab, is stimulating to use and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. The features I like the most about this device actually aren’t its cleansing properties but how it massages moisturisers and serums into the skin. I wish it contributed to the cleansing part of my skincare routine, but I’ve loved using it overall.

Rating: 4 stars