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6 months in: Dermatica rosacea prescription update with progress pics and discount code

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Since my 6-week progress post, I’ve been using my personalised Dermatica rosacea prescription for 6 months and wanted to share an in-depth update. Dermatica had done wonders for reducing redness after 6 weeks, so what’s my skin like 6 months in? In this blog post, I report on whether there has been any improvement in […]

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6 weeks in: Just how effective is my personalised Dermatica rosacea treatment?

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If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’ll likely have heard of Dermatica. It’s an online dermatology service that creates custom prescriptions based on your skin’s needs and personal skin goals. This innovative dermatology service has gained considerable popularity in the last few years. People are drawn to the concept of an easily accessible, personalised skincare prescription. […]

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