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Japanese snack boxes are a brilliant way to experience authentic flavours, discover new favourite treats, and explore interesting culinary differences. Whether you’re after a more modern exploration of Japanese snacks or want an insight into traditional flavours from local artisans, subscription boxes offer something for everyone.

2 of the best and most popular Japanese snack boxes on the market are TokyoTreat and Sakuraco. These vibrant and fun boxes offer a beautiful journey into unique Japanese flavours. But which of these snack boxes is the best option for you? Keep reading to find out!

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What are the differences between TokyoTreat and Sakuraco? And what can I expect inside each box?

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TokyoTreat offers the chance to explore modern, cool, popular, and interesting snacks from around Japan. Each box contains between 15-20 full-sized snacks. Expect anything from unique fizzy drinks, seasonal KitKats, yummy sweet treats, instant ramen, salty crisps, and bakery goods.

Sakuraco provides the opportunity to try authentic Japanese flavours and learn about Japanese culture and traditions through food and drink. You also learn about the artisans behind each snack. Each box contains between 14-20 snacks. Expect soothing teas, snacks from local artisans, exclusive Sakuraco treats, and authentic home goods.

Both Japanese snack boxes are carefully curated to a specific theme, such as New Year. Booklets are contained inside each box describing the snacks in each box, as well as the treats’ origins, relevant cultural stories from Japan, and information about the box’s theme and the surrounding traditions.

Subscription options and prices

Both Japanese snack boxes offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual subscription options. The price point is the same for TokyoTreat and Sakuraco.

See below for the pricing structure. Both USD and the GBP price conversion are shown:

  • Monthly: $37.50 (£29.41) a month, billed monthly
  • 3-month plan: $35.50 (£27.84) a month, billed every 3 months
  • 6-month plan: $33.50 (£26.28) a month, billed every 6 months
  • 12-month plan: $32.50 (£25.49) a month, billed annually

Going for the annual plan works out to be the most cost-effective. At $32.50 a month, you’d pay an annual fee of $390 (£306.70).

I think the price point for the boxes is very reasonable, as you get at least 14 products inside.

January 2024 themes

The TokyoTreat January 2024 theme is New Year Snackin’ Party. This box is all about New Year’s in Japan, which is one of the biggest events of the year. Whether it’s popular lucky bags, eating soba noodles, or watching live singing shows, this box showcases Japan’s special New Year’s traditions and some of the best snacks.

Inside the TokyoTreat January 2024 box you’ll find:

  • Lucky red and white KitKat – milk and white chocolate flavour
  • Good luck taiyaki – crispy fish-shaped snack with a smooth chocolate centre
  • Sesame sweet potato sticks – dense and crunchy sweet potato sticks with a strong sesame flavour
  • Pretz mild roast – mildly sweet cracker-like sticks
  • Nagoya doughnuts – pillowy red bean doughnuts
  • Agemochi bites – deep-fried sweetened soy sauce mochi bites
  • Seaweed and salt potato sticks
  • C.C. Lemon – lightly sweet lemon drink
  • Sour cola lollipop – sweet and slightly sour cola lollipop
  • Mishmash soda candy rope – a sweet soda-flavoured candy rope
  • Fried potato snacks – light and crispy French fry-shaped potato sticks
  • Itomen Yamaimo soba – instant soba noodles
  • Yamato Aji curry crackers – a crispy curry-flavoured snack
  • Choco corn puff stick – a crispy corn puff with a chocolate flavour
  • Kabayaki Taro jerky – a chewy eel-flavoured snack

The Sakuraco January 2024 theme is New Year’s in Hiroshima. This box is all about how New Year’s is celebrated against the picturesque backdrop of Hiroshima, with heartwarming festivities like the ringing of temple bells or colourful fireworks. This box celebrates Hiroshima’s culture while highlighting some of the best regional delicacies.

Inside the Sakuraco January 2024 box you’ll find:

  • Adzuki tea: a gentle adzuki bean-flavoured tea
  • Miyajima cocoa cookie: a cocoa cream-filled sweet cracker
  • Setouchi lemon cream cookie: a refreshing crisp biscuit filled with sweet lemon cream
  • Setouchi olive and wine vinegar noriten: savoury snacks with the flavours of olive and wine vinegar
  • Miso peanut tetra: peanuts coated in white miso
  • Tsubu arare: bite-sized arare with the flavours of shrimp and seaweed
  • Banana Baumkuchen: a banana-flavoured Baumkuchen
  • Setouchi lemon mochi: zingy lemon mochi
  • Setouchi hassaku jelly: a jelly featuring the flavour of Japanese citrus hassaku
  • Taiyaki: a fish-shaped treat filled with sweet bean paste
  • New Year’s senbei: a honey and soy sauce snack
  • Maneki neko arare: golden arare snack
  • Omikuji candy: hard, sweet candies that transform from the flavour of grape to strawberry, lemon, or green apple
  • Neko furoshiki: a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth

TokyoTreat vs Sakuraco: Which is best?

Sakuraco vs TokyoTreat Japanese snack box image

Ultimately, whether you choose TokyoTreat or Sakuraco comes down to personal preference. Both boxes offer a chance to taste Japan’s interesting, unique, and fun sweet and savoury snacks.

If you prefer fizzy drinks, KitKats, and modern snacks, go for TokyoTreat. If you prefer to learn about traditions and Japanese culture, tea, and local artisan snacks, go for Sakuraco.

I personally slightly prefer Sakuraco, as I love the chance to try snacks from local vendors and learn about the history and culture of Japan. I also love the cute authentic home good that comes in each Sakuraco box. However, snack boxes are equally as brilliant, and I love trying so many new treats!