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I’m quite sceptical about the effectiveness of at-home facial massages using tools like jade rollers and gua sha. A lot of brands that sell face massager tools make bold claims about the benefits they give to your skin. They frequently promise more radiant, lifted, toned, and firmer skin instantaneously. But I’m dubious about these claims.

So I was very curious to try the ESPA Natural Face Lift Bundle. The ESPA set contains a jade roller, eye cream, serum, and moisturiser for you to easily do an at-home facial massage. I’ve previously tried and loved ESPA products. The products delivered noticeable benefits to my skin.

I was hopeful that ESPA’s jade roller face massage bundle would make my skin feel firmer, look more sculpted, and appear more glowy. But did it live up to my expectations? All will be revealed in this review.

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Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me for review purposes, but all thoughts are my own and unbiased

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What’s inside the ESPA Natural Face Lift Bundle?

The ESPA Natural Face Lift Bundle contains 4 products: the Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Serum, Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Eye Treatment, Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Moisturiser, and a jade roller. It’s worth £299, but the kit retails for £210.

The ESPA Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Serum (£105) is designed to defend against skin stressors, brighten and strengthen the skin, and make skin feel calm, moisturised, and soothed. It features witch hazel, glycerin, bifida ferment lysate, and sunflower seed oil.

The ESPA Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Eye Treatment (£69) aims to brighten the skin around the eyes, hydrate and smooth the skin, and provide antioxidant protection. It’s enriched with coconut alkanes, bifida ferment lysate, sunflower seed oil, and propanediol.

The ESPA Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Moisturiser (£85) is supposed to be a lightweight luxurious cream that supports the skin’s natural microbiome for firmer and more elastic skin. It incorporates coconut alkanes, jojoba seed oil, glycerin, and bifida ferment lysate.

The ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller (£40) features the Aventurine Jade stone that’s meant to reduce the appearance of puffiness, stimulate the skin, and revitalise radiance.

How to use the ESPA jade roller

ESPA jade roller image

Using the double-ended ESPA jade roller is straightforward.

You use the small stone for the delicate eye area and then the larger stone for everywhere else on your face and décolleté.

Begin by applying a serum, facial oil, eye cream, or moisturiser to clean, dry skin. This helps the jade roller glide over your skin without any friction. I apply the ESPA serum and eye cream at this stage.

Apply gentle pressure when using the jade roller on your skin. Always start at the centre of your face and work outwards and upwards.

The steps are detailed below:

  1. Use the large crystal and roll it from your chin, out to the side of your ear, down your neck, and out across the décolleté to your underarm.
  2. Sweep the large crystal from the side of your mouth, out to the ear, down the neck, and out across the décolleté to your underarm.
  3. Roll the large crystal out across your cheek, to the side of the ear, down the side of the face, down the next, and out across the décolleté to your underarm.
  4. Take the small crystal, apply it under the eye, to the temple, down the side of the face, down the neck, and out across the décolleté to your underarm.
  5. Sweep the large crystal out across the forehead, to the temple, down the side of the face, down the neck, and out across the décolleté to your underarm.

Repeat each step 3 times on 1 side of your face. Each step looks almost like a ‘Z’ shape. Then repeat the whole process on the other side of your face.

Afterwards, apply a moisturiser and an SPF (if you do it as your morning routine) as usual.

Have I noticed any improvements in my skin since using the jade roller? Honest review

I’ve been using the ESPA Natural Face Lift Bundle for about 5 weeks now, admittedly not super consistently, and I think it’s good.

The ESPA jade roller facial massage is relaxing, offers lovely self-care time, and instantly boosts radiance. Rolling the crystal over the skin helps to relieve any puffiness or inflammation quickly. I also think it provides some short-term firmness to the skin.

However, my skin doesn’t appear sculpted, lifted, or toned since doing this facial massage. ESPA doesn’t state how frequently to do this facial massage, but I’ve done it around twice or three times a week for 5 weeks. I suspect there may be some more visible results on more mature skin or with daily use.

The facial massage makes my skin a bit red after use but not irritated. The redness subsides within an hour.

As for the products themselves, the ESPA jade roller feels weighty and high-quality. I love the cooling sensation of the crystals as they glide over my skin. It’s very satisfying!

All 3 skincare products have a lovely aromatic spa-like scent. They smell invigorating and uplifting.

I’m not a huge fan of the serum. The texture is oddly quite drying and, once applied, I almost can’t tell I’ve applied any product. I wish it was more hydrating and provided an instant radiance boost.

The eye cream is hydrating and calming. I like how lightweight and absorbent it is. It’s not blown me away, though. I think there are cheaper products out there that deliver the same results.

I enjoy the moisturiser. It’s very creamy but still manages to be lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbent. It feels soothing and makes my skin dewy. This cream keeps my skin nourished all day.

Do I recommend the ESPA facial massage kit?

Overall, I’d recommend this ESPA facial massage kit to anyone looking for a relaxing self-care routine that reduces puffiness and inflammation while making skin look glowy.

Rating: 4 stars

I will continue doing the ESPA jade roller routine, as I find it very calming as part of my evening skincare routine. However, I’ve not noticed any difference in my skin in terms of it feeling firmer in the long term, appearing more sculpted, or looking more lifted.

It didn’t quite meet my expectations in terms of toning my skin, but I’m still happy with the results nonetheless.

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