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How good is FUL London? Honest review + 20% off

FUL London hair products image

I’ve been investing in premium hair products recently, and I can tell the difference. My hair isn’t as oily as it used to be and stays grease-free for longer. Plus, my hair generally feels thicker, looks fuller, and has more volume. I’ve been trying some luxurious FUL London products for a week. FUL London is […]

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Does the Grow Gorgeous hair thickening and growth range work? Honest review + 15% off

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If you’re wondering whether the Grow Gorgeous Intense hair thickening and hair growth range truly works, I share my honest thoughts in this review. Grow Gorgeous is a premium, cruelty-free, and vegan hair care brand offering a diverse range of products for different hair types and concerns. The Intense range is the most popular from […]

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I tried 3 of Mayraki’s best-selling hair products, and here are my honest thoughts

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I’ve been getting into luxury hair care brands recently. For a long time, I’d only ever buy drugstore hair products. While you don’t always need to spend more money to achieve powerful results, I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my hair since using more high-end products. That’s where Mayraki comes in. This premium vegan and cruelty-free […]

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