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R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow image

I love glittery eyeshadow. Duochromes, in particular, can elevate makeup looks with a unique glittery flip that offers 2 completely different colours in a single formula. And I think I may have discovered one of the most stunning duochrome eyeshadows of all time.

In this review, I’m going to be sharing why the R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow in Fembot is so special, along with swatches, how this looks on the lids, and how the formula performs throughout the day. If you love captivating eyeshadows that are sure to get you a tonne of compliments, this formula will become a staple in your collection!

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About the R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow

The R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow costs £15 for 6ml. It’s long-lasting, pigmented, and waterproof. These eyeshadows have a lightweight liquid gel consistency that can be blended equally well with your fingertips or a brush. The Midnight Shadows range offers metallic and glittery duochrome finishes. They’re available from Sephora.

R.E.M. Beauty Fembot swatch

R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow in Fembot is described as having an iridescent blue flip. I would describe this eyeshadow as having a transparent base that begins as a pinky purple shimmer that flips to an intense glittery blue. It’s cool-toned.

I did a couple of swatches (below) on the back of my hand to try to capture the outstanding duochrome flip. These swatches were done on my bare hand, without primer.

Photos don’t do this eyeshadow justice. It looks more pink, purple, and blue in real life. However, you can get a sense of how pretty, pigmented, reflective, and shimmery this product is in the swatches.

R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow Fembot makeup look

No makeup review would be complete without a makeup look! Here’s what the R.E.M. Beauty Fembot looks like on the eyelids.

You can see the pink, blue, and purple flip much better on my lids than in the swatches. It’s so stunning. I applied a tiny amount of the eyeshadow directly to my lids using the wand applicator and then blended it out with my fingertip for a more sheer wash of shimmer rather than an intense metallic finish.

Honest R.E.M. Beauty Fembot review

I love the R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow in Fembot. It’s divine.

The glittery blue duochrome is so unique. While the formula is very pigmented, it’s easy to blend the shade for a more subtle look. You can wear a small amount on bare lids during the daytime for a subtle shimmer or layer the eyeshadow for saturated glitter all over your lids in the evening.

The eyeshadow is lovely to work with. It’s not too runny, so it doesn’t smudge everywhere on application, which you can create precise shapes on your lids. But it doesn’t dry down too quickly either, so you have time to blend the shadow.

The formula works equally well with a brush or your fingertips. And this eyeshadow is very long-wearing. After 8 hours of wear, it doesn’t budge and looks as pigmented as when you first apply it. It’s completely crease-proof too, which makes the shadow perfect for a quick one and done solution.

Rating: 5 stars

I can’t fault this eyeshadow at all. It’s a dream to work with, I’m obsessed with the duochrome finish, and it’s surprisingly wearable. I’m so happy I decided to purchase this liquid eyeshadow.