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There’s a longstanding misconception that tattoo removal is painful. But laser tattoo removal technology has made huge advancements in the last decade, meaning that getting an unwanted tattoo removed can actually be very quick and near painless.

NAAMA Studios tattoo removal London

One location that has pioneered gentle laser tattoo removal technology is NAAMA Studios in London, based in the heart of the city on Great Portland Street. The popular UK-based tattoo removal has exclusive access to the LightSense™ laser system and will soon be launching it in New York City.

This article explores what laser tattoo removal is, as well as looks at how the LightSense™ laser system offers the fastest and most painless laser tattoo removal. We also ask when the long-awaited technology will be available in the US.

What is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is the process of removing unwanted tattoos gradually over a series of sessions using a laser. The energy from the laser breaks down the tattoo ink into tiny fragments, which are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream by white blood cells called macrophages and safely passed out of the body.

How laser tattoo removal works from NAAMA Studios Tattoo Removal on Vimeo.

How does the LightSense™ laser system work?

The LightSense™ laser system, available exclusively at NAAMA Studios in the UK, works with the body’s natural immune system to remove unwanted ink pigment from the dermis of the skin.

By agitating the ink pigment with very short bursts of the laser beam, the particles become smaller and are then easily flushed out by the lymphatic system.

LightSense™ is built on the important science of fluence, which is how the laser works to reduce pain and skin damage.

As NAAMA’s consultants explain: “fluence measures the energy delivered by the laser per square cm.”

Commonly, it is measured in joules per square centimetre (J/cm2).

“It’s a bit like a garden hose. If we want the water pressure to become stronger, we cover some of the hose with our thumb.”

The smaller area of the laser beam means the energy is more concentrated.

How long does laser tattoo removal take?

On average tattoo removal can take 8-12 sessions. Some tattoos clear much, much faster than this. 

Permanent makeup removal can take 3-5 sessions. 

The LightSense™ laser system works on ultra-low energy compared to others, so NAAMA are able to achieve tattoo removal in months, not years. The low energy of the laser ensures that there is shortened downtime between sessions, meaning clients come in more often and see quicker results. 

There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to how long tattoos take to clear. Every tattoo is unique and will clear depending on a number of factors; after you’ve selected the best laser for the job and read NAAMA’s tips on speeding up removals, the following things will impact the speed of a removal:

  • Size and location of the tattoo (tattoos close to the heart, where the blood flow is stronger, tend to clear faster)
  • Density and quality of the tattoo ink 
  • Health of the immune system (the lymphatic system does the bulk of the clearance work)
  • Staying safe in the sun (consultants cannot treat sunburned or sun-damaged skin)

What the clients are saying

People want their tattoos removed for many reasons. Perhaps it’s a poor design, maybe the tattoo has lost its significance over the years, maybe the decision to get the tattoo was made on a whim and the person regrets it.

Whatever the reason, it’s totally valid to want a tattoo removed. But people have long been put off getting their unwanted tattoos removed for fear of the process being damaging and painful to the skin.

The LightSense™ laser system has changed this perception. 

This exciting technology makes tattoo removal quick, near painless, and easy. If you’re worried about getting a tattoo removed, you can start off small. NAAMA Studios usually recommends that clients visit the studio for an introductory session and consultation to see how their tattoo is likely to respond to treatment. 

With 18,000+ treatments and a before and after gallery of amazing results, it’s easy to see why NAAMA Studios’ laser tattoo removal technology was a no-brainer for many happy clients.

One such client, Aston, experienced a complete chest tattoo removal in 12 sessions.  

NAAMA Studios laser tatto removal before and after image
*NAAMA do not use Photoshop on these before and after photos

When will NAAMA Studios and the LightSense™ laser system launch in NYC?

New Yorkers searching for a straightforward, skin-kind, and truly effective way of completely removing tattoos can look forward to this exciting technology launching in New York City in spring 2024.

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