Dracaena fragrans image

I love houseplants. They add vibrancy and a cosy feel to any home. Many can even help improve air quality and add freshness to your living space. They help make a house feel like a home.

However, I’ve become a bit notorious for not looking after plants very well. If they’re fussy, forget it. They won’t last. I want an easy-to-maintain plant that will bounce back if I’ve not checked in on it for a while – *cough cough* weeks.

I’ve owned quite a lot of houseplants now, and I have 4 that are completely unkillable. They’re robust, bounce back quickly if I’ve forgotten to water them, and won’t die if I haven’t given them the right amount of light.

If you’re a beginner just starting in the world of houseplants or want a completely non-fussy plant that can survive in just about any setting, this is the post for you.

1. Peace lily

My number 1 most resilient plant is a peace lily. I’ve had this plant for years, and it’s seen some rough times. I went weeks without watering it by mistake, and it went all droopy and sad. To be honest, it looked dead.

But it bounced back overnight. The following day, the peace lily was standing tall and looked very healthy.

Although peace lilies prefer bright indirect light, they work in shadier spots too. You won’t destroy the plant if you forget to water it, even though the soil should be kept moist, and it can survive in different levels of light.

My peace lily will always be my fave houseplant. It looks great, grows easily, and is super robust. I also love how full and bushy this plant looks. Mine doesn’t flower very frequently, but it’s so pretty when it does!

2. Dracaena fragrans

Another unkillable houseplant is the draceana fragrans. I’ve never so much as even see this plant look like it’s struggling. It can handle overwatering and underwatering and works in different levels of light.

While this plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight, it can work in shadier spots. It should be watered when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch.

I love the vibrant green leaves, fan shape, and cute bumblebee plant pot. This plant is probably the easiest plant to care for in this post, as it seems to handle anything – even an at-times-unattentive owner like me!

3. Parlour palm

The most recent addition to my houseplant collection is this beautiful parlour palm. My first and only floor plant, this tall palm plant is so pretty. The long stems and feathery leaves are so striking and stand out against almost any background.

It’s another plant that likes bright indirect sunlight. Just like the draceana fragrans, it should be watered when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch.

It’s a low-maintenance plant that won’t throw a strop if you’ve not watered it for a while and can be easily positioned to a bright, indirect light spot in your home.

4. Spider plant

One of my most commented-on plants is the spider plant. This plant often turns heads, with people saying how much they like it. It has a unique spiky appearance and two-toned foliage, which are very pretty.

Again, the spider plant likes bright indirect sunlight and should be watered when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch.

I accidentally put this in a spot that had too much direct light and the leaves started to go yellow, with the plant looking droopy overall. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to revive it. However, after I moved it to more indirect light, it bounced back almost immediately. So beginners don’t need to worry about getting the care spot on, as it won’t die on you while you’re learning to care for it!