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Disclaimer: Mio Skincare gifted me these products for review purposes, but all thoughts are my own and unbiased

Here are 5 sumptuous vegan and cruelty-free body care brand Mio Skincare products to add to your basket right now.

Recently, I’ve been getting into luxurious and effective body care. It not only makes the skin on my body look and feel better, but it adds an extra step to my self-care routine. I’m all about doing things that make you feel amazing, and lavish body care has become a go-to now.

So with my newfound appreciation for incredible body care products, I’m here to tell you which stunning products to try from Mio Skincare in this review.

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What is Mio Skincare?

Mio Skincare is a luxurious body care brand that is designed to make it easy for self-care to fit into your busy routine. The brand revolves around inspiring confidence and making you look and feel amazing. All products are vegan and cruelty-free. It boasts 100% recyclable packaging, making it a much better choice for the environment.

Mio Skincare has 5 distinct lines to fit into your lifestyle:

  1. Detox Squad: pampers and refreshes the skin while you unwind
  2. Glow Getters: works to make you look and feel amazing with natural radiant skin
  3. Liquid Yoga: a relaxing aromatherapy line to invigorate the senses
  4. Workout Wonders: skincare that works hard pre-, during, or post-workout
  5. Intimate Hygiene: a gentle range for the intimate areas of your body

Some of Mio Skincare’s best-sellers are the Future Proof Natural Body Butter, Boob Tube Bust Tightening Cream, and Go With The Flow Calming Body Oil.

5 bestMio Skincare products to try

Below are 5 must-have Mio Skincare products to try. Keep them for yourself for the ultimate pampering night in or gift them to someone you love for a lavish Christmas gift.

Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser

£18 for 200ml

Mio Skincare Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser image

What is it?

A beautiful and creamy clay cleanser that is designed to freshen, hydrate, and smooth the skin.

Let’s look at the ingredients

The Mio Skincare Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser contains an array of skin-loving ingredients. Kaolin clay helps to reduce excess oil on the skin, glycerin hydrates, montmorillonite clay has absorbent properties that are great for oily skin, and the AHA citric acid exfoliates.

Why you need this

This luxurious body cleanser is amazing. The texture is super soft and creamy. A small 50p-sized amount lathers up into a silky foam that feels very hydrating and nourishing on the skin.

The clay cleanser has a subtle sweet scent that’s uplifting and relaxing.

But the best thing about the Mio Skincare Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser is how it makes your skin feel after. After using this body cleanser, my skin is noticeably softer, hydrated, and smoother.

This cleanser also doubles as a detoxifying mask, which is super cool. You can apply it to your targeted area before showering, leave it on for a few minutes, and simply wash it away for extra-nourished skin.

Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum With AHAs

£28 for 200ml

Mio Skincare Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum With AHAs image

What is it?

A revitalising, brightening, and exfoliating overnight body serum.

Let’s look at the ingredients

The Mio Skincare Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum With AHAs contains amazing ingredients for the smoothest skin ever. It contains super-nourishing shea butter, the popular emollient rosehip oil, hydrating and dew-boosting propanediol, and refreshing cucumber fruit extract.

Why you need this

I’ve only used the Mio Skincare Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum With AHAs once so far, and I’ve honestly already seen results. This exfoliating sleeping smoothie immediately made my skin less bumpy overnight. By morning, my skin was noticeably smoother. It also helped reduce some of the “chicken skin” on my arms effortlessly.

This wonderful serum definitely helps to brighten skin too. Plus, it gives your skin that wonderful healthy glow that everyone wants.

This sleeping serum is so fun to apply and makes you feel invigorated and re-energised. For people who tend to neglect the skin on their body or want to keep their skin at its best, this Mio Skincare serum is a must-have.

Pit Proof Natural Deodorant

£12 for 70ml

Mio Skincare Pit Proof Natural Deodorant image

What is it?

A non-aluminium natural deodorant that is designed to prevent body odour all day.

Let’s look at the ingredients

The Mio Skincare Pit Proof Natural Deodorant tries to perfectly balance odour-preventing ingredients with moisturising ones. It’s enriched with hydrating propanediol, the absorbent talc, the emollient caprylic/capric triglyceride, and skin-softening prebiotic inulin.

Why you need this

I love natural deodorants. In fact, I think they work so much better than traditional spray antiperspirants, and they’re usually far better for the environment. And the Mio Skincare Pit Proof Natural Deodorant is fab.

It’s the first time I’ve tried a natural deodorant in a liquid format. You squeeze a little bit of the thick liquid out of the tube and apply it directly to your armpits. It’s very soft and creamy and absorbs quickly.

What I love about this natural deodorant is that it doesn’t leave white marks on clothes. All other deodorants that I’ve tried do, which is annoying. But this one, thankfully, isn’t messy! It’s so foolproof.

And this deodorant seriously performs.

It keeps sweat and odour at bay all day. It’s one of the best deodorants I’ve ever tried. And I absolutely adore the addictive and fresh eucalyptus scent. When I apply this, it really wakes me up in the morning.

This deodorant also has the bonus of being non-drying, soothing, and moisturising.

Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak

£26 for 200ml

Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak image

What is it?

A calming and feel-good bath soak to leave you feeling de-stressed after a long day.

Let’s look at the ingredients

The Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak contains a cocktail of essential oils for relaxation and nourishment. It features hydrating glycerin, nourishing sweet almond oil, the antioxidant hydroxyacetophenone, and relaxing lavender oil.

Why you need this

If you love the calming scent of lavender, the Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak is a must-have! Along with a complex mix of herbal and floral scents, this aromatherapy bath soak is the perfect way to take your mind off ‘to do’ lists, work stress, or just simply the pressure of being an adult!

The aromatic fragrance and nourishing soak make having a bath peaceful, pampering, and perfect for #SelfCareSundays. This is the ultimate way to unwind while making your skin feel moisturised too.

Feeling good is both a physical and mental state, so indulging in a wellbeing product like Liquid Yoga is always going to feel incredible.  

Heavenly Body Exfoliating Body Scrub

£23 for 275g

Mio Skincare Heavenly Body Exfoliating Body Scrub image

What is it?

A smoothing body scrub that helps alleviate dry and dull skin.

Let’s look at the ingredients

The Mio Skincare Heavenly Body Exfoliating Body Scrub is enriched with ingredients that not only help buff away dry or dead skin but ones that nourish it too. This scrub is enriched with the emollient caprylic/capric triglyceride, nourishing sweet almond oil, moisturising glyceryl stearate, and refreshing eucalyptus essential oil.

Why you need this

To make your skin instantly smoother, brighter, radiant, and nourished, the Mio Skincare Heavenly Body Exfoliating Body Scrub is a must-buy for Black Friday 2022.

This body scrub has a glorious texture. So many body scrubs I’ve tried have a grainy and abrasive texture that falls apart when you try to rub them over your skin, which not only doesn’t feel nice but is inconvenient to use too. This Mio Skincare scrub holds its consistency, so that you can smooth it over your skin effortlessly and doesn’t feel grainy. Actually, it feels soft and kind to the skin.

I love how quickly this makes my skin feel more hydrated, super soft, and smooth. After using this in the shower, my skin feels renewed and refreshed. This is the ultimate pampering treat for when you want to show your body some love!

It’s easily one of the nicest body scrubs I’ve ever used. I know you’ll adore it too.