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If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the TikTok-viral clean girl makeup look (don’t worry, it’s super easy!), this is the blog post for you.

The clean girl makeup look is all about minimal makeup, subtle radiance, slicked-back hair, simple jewellery, and hydrated skin. Anyone can do it too! Although many of the TikTok creators have perfect skin, I’ve seen plenty of different skin types and ages do the trend, and it looks great on everyone. Nobody should feel excluded from the trend, even though TikTok might have you feeling otherwise.

This vibe is for when you want a simple look that doesn’t require a tonne of products. You can honestly do this look in about 15-20 minutes.

If you’re looking for an effortless yet still-put-together makeup look, keep reading this blog post so you can recreate the clean girl aesthetic.

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What you’ll need

@ayanahyman Simple look for these hot summer days 🙂 #cleangirl #glowingskin #blackgirlmakeup #makeuptips #makeuphack ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

You’re going to need the following products to create this look:

  • Hydrating skincare
  • Dewy foundation⁣
  • Contour
  • Brown eyeshadow
  • Lip gloss
  • Brow gel
  • Cream or liquid blush
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Glowy setting spray
  • Primer
  • Small hoops or studs
  • A can of hairspray

The small hoops or studs and hairspray are optional, but they totally complete the look.

How to do the clean girl makeup look

Make sure you’ve prepped your skin with hydrating products. Think hyaluronic acid, squalane and moisturisers. This will ensure a smooth and plump base.

Next, use a primer to help your makeup stay put and add to the healthy skin vibe.

Then, apply a dewy foundation. Lighter coverage works best for this look, but feel free to amp up the coverage if you want to. Try adding a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation for additional glow.

Conceal under your eyes if necessary, or spot conceal areas that require a little more coverage. Don’t overdo this. The goal is barely-there makeup.

Lightly contour the areas of your face that you want to look a bit more sculpted. Again, nothing too heavy, but just some light shading. Be sure to apply contour in the crease of your eyelids for some subtle definition too.

Next, apply a cream or liquid blush. Ones that are radiant will really compliment this look. The clean girl makeup look is quite blush-heavy for that healthy flush of colour, so feel free to layer your blush.

Use a brow gel to fluff up your brows. You’re aiming for full but natural-looking brows.

Then, use some brown eyeshadow to create a soft wing. This will help to lift your eyes. Then, coat your lashes in mascara. You have the option here to add a dot of highlighter in your inner corners to really make your eyes pop.

Apply lip gloss to complete your makeup. You can lightly apply a lip liner if you want as well. Then, lock everything in place with a glowy setting spray.

Finally, wear some small hoops or studs and slick back your hair with hairspray to complete your clean girl aesthetic.

2 clean girl makeup looks

I created 2 clean girl makeup looks, both using slightly different products to achieve a similar vibe:

I’m really pleased with both looks. It’s giving effortless glam, and I’m here for it! I did both looks in about 20 minutes. Now I’ve got the hang of the aesthetic, I could probably reduce this to 10-15 minutes.

My top clean girl makeup products

Here are my top makeup picks to achieve a glowy, minimal clean girl look:

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