Month: February 2019

DIY Face Masks: Do they work?

DIY face mask image

DIY face masks. I’ve seen a lot of recipes but have always been pretty sceptical as to how well they’d work. Especially the ones containing only a couple of ingredients, like seriously, how’s that going to do anything for my skin? However, making your own stuff is fun, cheap and if it works, it’s so […]

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Do your favourite products damage the environment?

Cosmetics image

For today’s post, I have a really interesting, informative and eye-opening read from Mindy from the ‘I Blame Your Dad‘ blog. Prior to reading this post, I didn’t have a clue about whether my cosmetic products are harmful to the environment. I could hazard a guess that they’d be bad for the environment, but I […]

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How to look dewy with dry skin

Makeup products for dry skin image

Today, I’ve got a great guest blog post from Emily at Scripturient Blogger on how to look dewy for people with dry skin. First things first, I want to thank Emily for creating such a good piece for my blog. She managed to send this over really quickly to me and has a writing style […]

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