Last Updated on 13th May 2024 by Sarah Sarsby

Half Magic Glitterpuck image

Anyone who knows me knows that I love glitter. I’m really captivated by sparkly makeup products and think that a touch of shimmer can really elevate any look, whether it’s on the eyes, lips, cheeks, or body.

I came across the Half Magic Glitterpuck on TikTok and was instantly sold. The beautiful champagne and peach glitter looked so ethereal and reflective on the eyelids. Being the makeup obsessive that I am, I purchased it immediately.

In this review, I share why I’ve fallen in love with the Half Magic Glitterpuck, with my honest experience of using the glitter, swatches, and a makeup look.

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About the Half Magic Glitterpuck eyeshadow

The Half Magic Glitterpuck is a versatile and sparkly glitter that can be used on the eyes, lips, and face. It delivers high-impact shine with a gorgeous peachy rose gold tone. The water-infused formula glides on like a gel and stays put like a power.

It can be packed on the lids intensely for insane sparkle or buffed into the skin for a diffused and scattered light effect. Glitterpuck can be worn alone or on top of other makeup products for multidimensional sparkle. The glitter comes with a sponge that is recommended for use on the body. Using your fingertips is advised on the lids.

This glitter retails for £24 for 8.5g. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

Half Magic Glitterpuck swatch

I did 2 swatches on the back of my hand (below) to capture the beautiful multi-reflective shimmer of Glitterpuck: 1 done with a swipe of my fingertip and the other diffused across the back of my hand. These swatches were done on my bare hand, without primer.

How pretty is the glitter? With 1 swipe, it delivers an intense pinky-gold sparkle. It’s very reflective and captures the light beautifully. And on the diffused side, you can see scattered shimmer particles of gold and pink for a more subtle sparkle.

Half Magic Glitterpuck makeup look

No makeup review would be complete without a makeup look! Here’s what the Glitterpuck looks like on my eyelids. For this makeup look, I applied the glitter to my lids with my fingertips and then diffused it all over for a scattered glitter effect.

I used a warm pinky-brown matte eyeshadow as the base shade on the lids. This really allows the glitter to pop and gives a beautiful peachy-gold shimmer. I love how the glitter looks, and it’s so easy to apply.

Honest Half Magic Glitterpuck review

I love everything about the Half Magic Glitterpuck. It’s quickly become one of my fave glittery eyeshadows.

I’m really into the beautiful pink/gold sparkles. In some lighting, the glitter almost looks peachy. Because this glitter has a transparent base, it can work alone on a bare lid or as an eyeshadow topper to add a pop of shimmer to any look. It has a warm undertone and looks particularly gorgeous when layered over neutral brown or pink matte shades.

The formula itself is lovely. As it’s not a loose glitter, there’s no fallout, which means it’s not messy at all. Instead, the pressed texture glides over the lids smoothly, without any abrasiveness or dragging across the lids. Although this is a gel-based glitter, it actually looks like a powder when applied to the face or body. It’s very comfortable and lightweight too. In fact, once it’s applied, I can’t tell I’m wearing it!

And it stays put all day without any transfer. I hate it when glitter moves throughout the day, as it just ends up being messy. Nobody desires unwanted glitter just scattered around their face! This puts me off using loose glitters, as they typically have a lot of fallout.

Overall, I adore the ethereal fairy-like sparkle this brings to any makeup look. I particularly like using this for a scattered glitter effect across the lids, as it’s wearable in a simple glam way. Obsessed.

Rating: 5 stars