Month: March 2019

12 simple ways to improve your blog posts

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Top tips from an editor and blogger Writing a blog post can take a while. You have to think of a topic, then do your research and then write it, all while making the post interesting to read. Plus, there all the niggly grammar points to consider, which can make writing content a pretty big […]

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BH Cosmetics Opalescent Palette review

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So, another wildly unnecessary makeup purchase, but one I really wanted. The BH Cosmetics Opalescent Palette really caught me eye because it’s a warm-toned palette featuring neutral browns, pinks, purples and golds – all of my fave colours! I also hadn’t tried BH Cosmetics before and I used this as a justification to myself to […]

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I made yogi tea for the first time

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You’re probably thinking: What the hell is yogi tea? Well let me tell you, it’s great. Yogi tea is similar to chai tea, with aromatic, spicy and warm flavours. It made the house smell amazing while I was brewing it and it tasted even better! This post is a bit different to my usuals, but […]

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