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Battle of the brands: Primer ranking

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For the fifth post in my battle of the brands series, I’m ranking my entire primer collection to tell you which formula is my all-time fave. My battle of the brands series is where I rank my entire makeup collection by a specific product type. From foundations and bronzers to lip liners and brow products, battle of the brands is my […]

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13 must-have summer makeup products you need right now

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POV: It’s a hot summer’s day – really hot – and you’ve got a full face of makeup on. Within an hour or so, your makeup begins literally melting off your face. Streaky foundation, smudged mascara and oily lids make for a messy look. Not only does your makeup look patchy, your skin feels heavy, […]

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Autumn makeup look: Browns, coppers and golds

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As it’s October and the weather is noticeably colder, I decided it was time to share an autumn makeup look. I personally love autumn with the fresh, crisp air and the pretty leaves in the trees with their red, brown, yellow and orange tones. Although it means the summer is over, autumn is really refreshing […]

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