If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is the law of attraction?‘ and wondered how to implement it, then this blog post is for you.

I won’t be delving into all of the theory behind the law of attraction as this blog post is intended to be a simple and uncomplicated look at incorporating positive thoughts, habits and actions into your life. View this post as ‘the law of attraction for beginners’, if you will.

If you’d like to find out more about the law of attraction and discover how it can make a difference to your life, then please keep on reading.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is founded on the principle of like attracts like. If you think of positive thoughts, then you will get positive outcomes in your life. In contrast, if you think of negative thoughts, then there will be negative outcomes in your life.

The idea is that by focusing on positive thoughts, you will attract positive experiences into your life.

My view on the law of attraction

I don’t believe that the law of attraction is an exact science, as other people would have you believe. However, I do think that focusing on positive thoughts is a healthy habit to introduce.

Ultimately, I think the law of attraction is a great way to be more grateful for everything you have in your life, combat self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs, and disrupt negative thought patterns.

Some different ways to practice the law of attraction

So, we’ve covered the basics of the law of attraction but how can we implement this ‘like attracts like’ mentality into our daily routines? Actually, it’s not that difficult at all. You could easily implement a few of the below ideas into your everyday routine. Some of the ideas will take less than 5 minutes.

Gratitude lists

As humans, we often focus on the negative aspects of our lives. For instance, we might focus on the times we’ve made a mistake at work, being behind on household chores or a body part we feel insecure about.

But it’s important to focus on, and feel grateful for, the positive aspects of our lives. Writing a gratitude list every day can help remind us of all the great things we have in our lives. If you’ve got really low self-esteem or have anxiety or depression, writing a gratitude list might feel quite difficult. So, just focusing on writing down one thing you are grateful for every day is a good place to start.

Some statements could consider including in your gratitude list are:

  • I am grateful for my loving family
  • I am grateful to have a roof over my head
  • I am grateful to be a good worker

Big or small, there are lots of things to celebrate in life. And they’re all worth including in a daily gratitude list. Aim for 3 items to write down each morning as it can really help set you up for a positive day ahead.

Stuck for inspiration? Check out my blog post on 10 things I am grateful for.

Set short-, medium- and long-term goals

One of the easiest ways to bring positivity into your life is to set yourself realistic and achievable goals to give you something to aim for and keep you motivated and focused. A great tip for setting yourself manageable goals is to make them specific and set time limits/numbers for them. “I want to make my blog profitable” is not as clear as “I’d like to make £100 over the next 3 months through affiliate marketing on my blog”.

You’re going to want to set yourself short-, medium- and long-term goals:

  1. A short-term goal should be achieved within around a month. This could be “embark on a beauty no-buy” or “work out 5 times every week this month”.
  2. A medium-term goal should be achieved within 6 months. This could be “finish creating my Pinterest guide for bloggers” or “save up £4,000”.
  3. A long-term goal should be achieved anywhere from 1 year and above. This could be “turn my blog from a side hustle into a full-time career with sustainable income within 3 years” or “buy my first house within the next 2 years”.

Each goal should make sense to you. When you achieve these goals, you’re going to feel more positive. I also set myself smaller daily goals as I’m a very task-orientated person. This has helped attract more positive experiences into my life.

Practice yoga

Practicing yoga every week is a great way of implementing positive mindsets into your life. This is particularly true when doing a Yoga with Adriene video as she always sets an intention for each session. If the intention is focused around the word “strong”, Adriene will prompt you to say “I am strong” throughout the session.

This is so encouraging and, similar to the gratitude list suggestion I made above, it makes you focus on positivity and being kind to yourself. Taking time for yourself is essential.

Check out my thoughts on Adriene’s Dedicate 30 Day Yoga Journey if you’re looking to get into yoga as I think her free 30-day series are fantastic.

Daily affirmations

Finally, repeating daily affirmations are a great way of practicing the law of attraction.

Affirmations are simple, positive statements that you repeat to yourself every day that can help you overcome negative thoughts. They aim to inspire, instill confidence, attract success and promote self-love. From short statements like “I am hard-working” to longer statements such as “I remove toxic people from my life who make me feel negative”, repeating affirmations daily encourages us to be kinder to ourselves.

Breaking negative thought patterns is liberating. Honestly, I didn’t think writing down daily affirmations would be helpful but with time, your focus will begin to shift from negative to positive.

If you’re looking for some affirmation inspiration, my blog post on 50 amazing affirmations for self-love, success and confidence is a great place to start.


The law of attraction is a simple philosophy that can help us be kinder to ourselves. Self-love is so important; anything that welcomes positivity into your life should never be overlooked. Affirmations, goal-setting, gratitude lists and yoga can all bring more positive experiences into our lives.

All of the photos in this blog post are courtesy of the lovely Alyssa Pierce, who sells a range of gorgeous aromatherapy candles and other pretty products on Etsy. She’s an expert on all things aromatherapy, the law of attraction, manifesting, etc. so I’d definitely recommend checking her Instagram page for inspiration.