I feel like I never really know what month it is because all the months seem to roll into one, never-ending month with the coronavirus pandemic. My daily routine has remained unchanged for the last 3-4 months and life isn’t very eventful at the moment.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t find joy in life. I’m still keeping up with my blog, which I absolutely love, I’ve been spending more quality time with my family and have managed to save a lot towards my future house.

I like setting monthly goals to hold myself accountable and keep achieving new objectives each month, whether they’re big or small. For my July 2020 goals, I’m setting out some small but achievable personal and blogging goals to keep me focused and motivated.

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July goals image

Personal goals

1. Continue playing around with makeup

I’ve been loving creating new makeup looks recently. Plus, selling some makeup I wasn’t using on Depop has made me feel much better about my makeup collection.

I’ve got so many different looks I want to create in mind. I definitely want to create some looks inspired by black makeup artists in my efforts to continue uplifting and supporting the black community.

2. Finish reading Caroline Hirons Skincare book

The Caroline Hirons Skincare book so far has been fantastic. I’ve found myself getting really lost in the book when I pick it up and the information within the book is so helpful. For £13 on Amazon, this is an absolute steal too.

I’ll be reviewing the book on my blog in the future for those of you who want to learn more about the book and whether you should buy it or not.

3. Try and complete a Chloe Ting challenge

This is probably the most difficult and unrealistic goal in my July goals list because the Chloe Ting workout challenges are pretty difficult. For those of you who don’t know Chloe Ting, she’s created various free at-home workout programmes and challenges on YouTube. The workouts are difficult but are designed to help you lose weight, tone up and get stronger.

I know I’d feel really good about myself if I completed one of her free workout challenges, so I’m going to aim to complete one this month.

4. Go for some more walks

Working from home as an editor and then spending time blogging in the evenings means I don’t get as much fresh air (or sun) as I should. I’d like to go on some more evening and weekend walks to get outside in the fresh air.

Blogging goals

1. Reach out to more companies

Although I reached out some different companies last month about potential blogger collaboration opportunities, I still have a load more beauty companies I’d like to reach out to. I work really hard on my blog so having a few more collaborations under my belt would be fantastic.

2. Create pins for old blog posts

I recently bought some Pinterest templates for Canva that I’d like to use to create pins for my older blog posts. I’m going to create 3 different pins per blog post and circulate them across my Pinterest account to generate some more traffic to my blog.

Plus, the Pinterest templates are really pretty, so I’m excited to use them.

3. Update slider images

To keep my blog looking fresh, I’m going to update my slider images. I’ve got some new Lightroom presets which are beautiful, so I’m excited to take some new photos and use the presets.

Having nice, eye-catching pictures on your site makes a huge difference, so it’s important to make your site as aesthetic as possible.

4. Add cookie consent bar to site

The final item in my July goals post is to add a cookie consent bar to my site. This feature comes with my theme so it’s about time I incorporate it onto my blog.

What are your goals this month? Keep setting goals, keep achieving and keep dreaming.