For this Wednesday’s post, I have a guest post from the lovely Ami about her experiences with applying makeup with Ataxia. Ami’s blog is called UndercoverSuperhero where she talks about her recovery journey from the rare neurological condition Ataxia.

As for anyone who has written a guest post for my site, I’d like to give a big thanks to Ami for sharing her experiences on my blog. This post has taught me a lot about Ataxia and shared some insights into the difficulties Ami encounters on a daily basis. I will share my thoughts properly at the bottom of the post so I don’t spoil it for you guys, but just know she’s an incredible human being!

I will link Ami’s blog and social handles down below, so please go and give her a follow to find out more about her inspirational journey.

I hope you enjoy the post just as much as I did!

From Ami herself

My name is Ami, I am 24 and from Norfolk, UK. I have many conditions, however, in this post, I will be writing about the difficulties I faced when applying makeup with Ataxia.

What is Ataxia?

Ataxia is a neurological condition which affects balance and coordination. It’s present in all four limbs and my torso. It can also cause difficulties with fine motor skills, for example: holding a pen, using a knife and fork, etc.

With that in mind, you can now imagine how difficult applying makeup would be for me, but I love a challenge so I was really excited to do this!

Just a heads up, I have never been able to find the right foundation or powder, so my inner teenage-self is secretly wishing that I can achieve this. The most I have ever applied is eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.

Now, I am absolutely determined to try and do my best. Ataxia isn’t going to stop me from trying!

What products did I use?

Makeup products image

I browsed a few different shops as I wanted to see what I could get on a budget.

  • Superdrug Make-Up Sponges
  • Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
  • Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette Smokey Grey
  • Collection Colour Lash Mascara
  • Collection Pressed Powder – Ivory
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation – Cool Ivory

In total, I spent just a little under £20 – not too bad!

Step 1: Applying foundation

I found opening the pack of makeup sponges really difficult as I could not grip the pack. My partner had to help me with this.

Opening the foundation was easy but I was worried as I nearly squeezed it all out! Thankfully, I didn’t.

Foundation image

It was so easy to apply the foundation – as I have said above, I have always struggled to find the right one but I had a wedding hair and makeup trial recently and was advised that ivory is definitely the one for me. So yes, my inner teenage-self was screaming with excitement!

Step 2: Applying powder

Taking the powder brush out of its packet and opening the powder was relatively easy. I found using a long-handled powder brush extremely easy to grip too.

Powder image

Step 3: Applying eyeshadow

It took me 5 minutes to get the eyeshadow brush out of the palette, very fiddly. As I have always liked the darker shades of various colours, I chose grey to experiment with.

Eyeshadow image

I had to hold the brush with both of my hands as it was difficult to grip with my thumb and index finger. It did take me a few minutes to apply the eyeshadow as I kept missing my eyelids, due to involuntary jerky movements. However, I was really pleased with the result!

Step 4: Applying eyeliner

I knew this was going to be the most difficult product to use before I even thought about purchasing it.

To begin with, I did try and use the Felt Tip Eyeliner but the result was a catastrophe! I struggle to write with a pen anyway but this was worse.

Liner image

Years ago, eyeliner was my favourite product to use so I wanted to find a way to apply it. So I thought about using the black eyeshadow (a thin layer) to compensate.

I know I put a bit too much on, however I was proud of the outcome, I really liked it!

Step 5: Applying mascara

I have used mascara once since I was diagnosed with Ataxia, that attempt ended up with blots all around my eyes.

Mascara image

This time, I didn’t miss my eyelashes. I was so pleased! I was able to use the mascara with one hand and it was quite easy to apply.


I was so surprised with the end result, I actually shed a tear after the below photo was taken.

Like I have said, I struggled with makeup during my teenage years so I wanted to challenge myself with this, not just so I could experience what it was like with Ataxia, but there was an emotional attachment to the attempt too.

I know it’s not perfect, but I tried and I am really happy with the result. I have always told myself that I look ugly.

Thanks to Sarah for this opportunity, I can now tell myself that I can do it and I’m really over the moon with my makeover.

I am beautiful!

Blog: UndercoverSuperhero
Facebook: UndercoverSuperheroAmi
Twitter: @Ami_T1995

Okay, so I’ll confess, this post brought a tear to my eye. This isn’t me, I don’t cry and get emotional! But Ami’s story is such an inspiration and watching her smash such a big challenge like applying makeup just shows how powerful and determined she is.

I love her message at the end: “I am beautiful!” – this just confirmed to me that Ami is a boss for persevering in the face of difficulty and can see her self-worth.

This post is something very different for my blog and I’m very grateful to be able to share some of Ami’s story and to learn more about Ataxia. Thank you so much Ami!

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