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In this post, I wanted to share a little bit more about myself and my blog, so you guys can get to know the story behind A Woman’s Confidence.

I love blogging and creating different makeup looks, writing product reviews, talking about my skincare routine and expressing my passions, but I thought it was time to do more of a personal post.

Setting up the blog

When I used to tell people that I love writing, the response I’d always get was: “Well, why don’t you start a blog then?”

I hadn’t considered having one before and I asked myself what I would blog about, but the answer was pretty obvious – makeup and skincare. They’re a real passion of mine and because of the time I invest in beauty, I’m fairly knowledgeable in the area too.

Plus, there are plenty of other beauty addicts out there, so I knew there’d be a good market.

After months of dithering and preparing my blog for launch, A Woman’s Confidence finally went live and I was super excited to get it going.

Why ‘A Woman’s Confidence’?

With a blog site containing the word confidence, you might expect it to be a source of motivation for other women or a more personal site discussing overcoming insecurities or a weight loss journey.

But for me, makeup and skincare make me feel confident. They may seem like small things, but they make me feel good. When I put makeup and look my best, I feel glowy and pretty, and when I invest in a new skincare product and my skin looks radiant, this makes me feel like a boss ass bitch.

I don’t rely on makeup at all anymore to feel like I’m worthy because when I was younger, I wouldn’t step outside for even a minute because I was filled with self-doubt. Now, I use makeup to enhance my natural beauty, not define my beauty.

On my blog, I don’t solely talk about makeup and skincare, though, I do share other things in my life that contribute to my well-being, such as yoga or self-care ideas.

In a world where we’re consumed by social media influencers and constantly compare ourselves to others, we’re left feeling unworthy, depressed and unattractive. So, it’s important to bring some positivity and confidence back into our lives and support one another.

The other reason I chose ‘A Woman’s Confidence’ for my site name is for the URL and branding. I thought it would be a memorable URL and would help me build a recognisable brand in the future if my blog becomes successful.

Plus, the domain name wasn’t taken, which always helps lol.

The journey so far

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I’ve learned so much and continue to learn every day. My writing has got so much better, I can take a semi-presentable photo now, I know what SEO is, I’m able to use Google Search Console, I have a social media strategy (albeit not a great one), and I’ve discovered a raft of great people and blogs along the way.

Blogging was something that I thought would start off strong, but would tail off after a while. But, I’ve actually found myself more engrossed with my blog as time goes on.

When I see that I’m getting more engagement on social media and more page views, I’m constantly thinking how can I elevate my blog and make it more engaging for my readers?

The truth is, you don’t stop learning and growing – and that’s the fun part!

What the future holds

I’m not sure where my blog will go. I’m shooting for full-time, working from home and earning enough income to turn my passion into my career, but for now, I just want to keep improving my blog and growing my readership.

Since my first post in July 2018, I’ve experienced a lot of growth on A Woman’s Confidence and I would love to see this snowball in the future. Who wouldn’t want their blog to see success, right?

It’s impossible to predict the future but all I know is I’m excited to see what happens!