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Today, I’ve got a great guest blog post from Emily at Scripturient Blogger on how to look dewy for people with dry skin.

First things first, I want to thank Emily for creating such a good piece for my blog. She managed to send this over really quickly to me and has a writing style that I find very easy and engaging to read.

I was particularly happy with this post because I know a lot of my readers have dry skin, but I can never write for this audience because my skin is oily. So, Emily’s post could not be a more helpful and great fit for my blog.

I’ve linked Emily’s blog and social media channels down below, so please head over to check out her awesome content and give her a follow.

I really hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did.

About Emily and Scripturient Blogger

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Scripturient Blogger is a lifestyle blog covering all sorts of topics, from career and study advice for introverts, to affordable fashion guides, travel experiences, movie reviews, and business industry updates.

The author of Scripturient Blogger, Emily, is a workaholic postgrad who spends most of her spare time writing as a creative outlet. But she’s also coffee enthusiast, wallflower, and restless nomad. She now resides in the UK and has chosen to blog from the need to be the content that people love to see.

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If there’s one thing that never fails to get me down (especially over the winter period) it’s dreaded dry skin!

There’s nothing more infuriating than waking up bright and early, spending hours and good money on your makeup, only to find you’ve ended up looking like a cake. But having suffered with bouts of eczema my whole life, I’ve come to discover more than my fair share of application tips and dry-skin friendly products, all of which I want to share with you below…

Tools of the trade

When it comes to brushes, I use a mixture of EcoTools, Real Techniques and No7 makeup brushes due to their different sizes and bristle density. EcoTools are so so soft, Real Techniques are fantastic for blending, and No7 are my favourite for finite details and packing eyeshadow colour.

I also use a No7 eyelash curler to really make the most of my natural lashes and always have a backlit light so I can be sure that what I am putting on my face will look the same once I’ve left the house.


I cannot express this enough, if you have dry skin, primer really will save your life.

With extra dry skin, I used to make the mistake of putting moisturiser on underneath my makeup. But boy was I wrong. If you put makeup over a product designed to be absorbed by the skin, you just end up with clogged pores and a scaly finish; not the best of looks!

So these days I always grab my trusty Rimmel London ‘Fix & Perfect’ primer first thing in the morning. I always like to wash my face first or hold a hot towel on it to open up my pores before giving my skin a good ole scrub.

It may sound gross, but if you have the time to exfoliate properly and clear away any excess dry skin before you even think about makeup, then it will make the world of difference.

I use the primer as liberally as I can afford to, rubbing it in with my fingertips and letting it sit till it’s tacky. This stuff is fantastic and really stops spots as well as product build up or movement throughout the day. This gives the foundation something slicker to set onto, all aiming to lock that precious moisture in for the long haul.

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Easily the hardest thing to find out of the lot, but I’m pleased to announce that after much trial and error, these really are dry-skin holy grail foundations.

I use Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Foundation in Soft Cream 04. It provides SPF 15 protection and a dewy, instead of a matte and crumbly, finish. Any oil-based foundations are particularly good at gliding over rougher, dryer skin to make a smooth base without layering.

Being particularly pale skinned, I was always at risk of looking quite literally chalky the more foundation I applied, so now I do so sparingly for the best results. Instead of using a damp beauty blender as I had done for years (which only seemed to make my dry skin look patchier) I now decant a liberal amount of foundation onto my nose and sweep it outwards to the rest of my face, following my natural shape. This will admittedly look a little streaky at first, but afterwards I use a big brush (one that my oily skinned sisters might use for powder) to stipple and spread the foundation out till it has lightly covered all areas of my face.

After this, I take a long sip of coffee as I admire my handiwork in the mirror; I am proud to say that I look like a pancake. So once I have sufficiently patted myself on the back, I continue on to the good stuff…


It’s at this early stage I like to do my eye makeup, mostly so that if I get fallout from the shadow it can easily be swept away without ruining anything else.

My favourite palette is ‘Down to Earth’ from The Body Shop. It’s versatile as you can buy individual shadow colours that pop in and out of the palette, so you can make up your own. I added the purple shade ‘Pretoria Amethyst 401’ on the bottom left myself, so now it’s perfect for just slipping into my bag on the go.

More than that though, it is actually pigmented! And because the consistency is buttery it doesn’t leave me with eyelids that resemble parchment.

Once I’ve coated the lid and cut my crease with another colour, I blend and apply some Rimmel Liquid liner. I always add a little touch of Barry M’s Bold White Waterproof Eyeliner into my inner corners too, just to widen the eyes and make them pop.

If there’s one more thing that really makes a difference to my look, it’s curling. I curl my lashes before and after applying my tried and tested No7 Midnight Lash Mascara in Black. Like The Body Shop, it’s hypoallergenic and so perfect for my allergy prone skin.

Finally, I address my brows.

Now I am not going to lie to you, my brows are as basic as they come and as much as I wished they would be insta-ready at times, the most I indulge in is a little filler for a more natural look. My pencil of choice is Max Factor’s Brow Shaper in 20 Brown. I also top this with some see-through mascara in upwards strokes. I pick this up from Boots in their Natural Collection and it prevents them from becoming misplaced or the colour smudging throughout the day.

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Blusher, bronzer and highlighter

To keep everything on my face still very hydrating, I stick to a cream ‘No7 Pop & Glow’ Blusher, sweeping it across my cheekbones, and Barry M’s Liquid Chrome highlighter in ‘Beam Me Up 735’. I pipette a small droplet across my cheeks, brow bone and cupids bow and blend gently with my fingers to add a final pop to the look.

Then to bring some colour back to the rest of my face, I use my only powder-based facial product, some No7 Shimmer Palette Bronzer in Caramel. I apply this very lightly with a fluffy brush to carve out some contour on my cheeks and forehead, and lightly on either side of my nose.

As a final, yet important touch, I use Superdrug’s cheap and cheerful MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist. This setting spray doesn’t dry me out and seals all of the moisturising products into place. And that’s it!

A top up of Max Factor’s Mulberry 685 lipstick throughout the day is all I need to complete the look. Plus, I always keep a Barry M Lip Liner in 24 Carat to keep it from bleeding when I eat or drink.

I hope these steps and products have offered you some insight in helping achieve a dewy finished look.

Do you have dry skin? What are your go to beauty products for it? I would love to hear more about it down below!

Cheers until next time!


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A very well-written and easy-to-read post. Did you all like the post? For those of you with dry skin, I hope this has proved a useful and helpful read.

Thank you again Emily!

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