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Staying organised is one of the main ways to keep productive and on top of things. I devote so much time to staying organised because I feel like it takes off a lot of pressure and keeps me in the know, rather than wondering “did I say this day or that day?”

It’s also important to be organised in a busy, often chaotic, adult world. You need to remember when you’ve got a doctor’s appointment or when to book your car in for an M.O.T. down to even small things like making a phone call to your bank.

In this post, I’m going to share with you how I stay organised and the benefits of me doing that, and I hope it can help you all.

Write it down

This is my number one rule.

If it’s written down, you won’t forget it.

You can write it down on paper, on your laptop, in the notes part of your phone. Honestly, wherever you write it, it’s better than having it in your head because then it’s permanently in one location.

No more worrying like “damn, I’m forgetting something.” You can just look at what you’ve written down and remember it.

To do lists

An incredibly important step in keeping organised is my To Do lists as they give me goals/chores/things that I need to get on with and help me see where I’m at with what I’ve set out to achieve.

While some of my To Do lists are important and contain useful things such as “wash car,” “set money aside,” or “do some SEO research,” other lists that I make are more indulgent. For instance, I have a To Buy list which contains a mixture of things that I need and want. Mostly want.

Nonetheless, it’s great for birthday present ideas or if I have a bit of extra money for the month and want to treat myself (which is always).


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The bottom right-hand section where there is no date is where I write my weekly to dos

This is a holy grail item that I believe everyone needs in their lives.

It doesn’t have to be particularly expensive, but I personally love Paperchase‘s ones because they’re well laid-out and pretty. If you’re a stationery junkie like me then Paperchase is the place to go, just look at their designs.

I use a Week to View diary as then I can see what I’ve got going on for an entire week and it saves me flicking through loads of daily pages to see what I’m doing in 3 weeks’ time.

In this diary I write down things to do with work, like meetings or when I have to conduct interviews; appointments; if I’ve panned a day out somewhere with friends/family/my boyfriend; and just other things where a specific date is set.

This way, I have a practical diary which contains all my events and allows me to see what days in the week I’m free/not free.

Conveniently, my diary has a little notes section on each week as well where I write down things I’d like to get done in the week. I then transfer this information into my daily planner, which I will talk about next.


Getting Things Done Planner image

Getting Things Done planner imageI essentially have two diaries, my Week to View one, which I discussed above, and my daily planner/diary which I use to achieve personal/small goals for each day.

First of all, I only recently got a daily planner and I got mine from CGD London which has seriously upped my game.

I’m in love with it.

I decided to get the Getting Things Done planner because it is so neatly organised which makes me, a neat freak, extremely happy. It has different sections like Quote of the Day, Today’s Plan, a place to write down what you’ve eaten, Daily Exercise, Expenses, Self-Care and Personal Notes.

It’s also super cute: it’s pink and leather!

As I mentioned earlier, one of the things I do with the planner (except for praise it at every possible chance) is transfer my weekly goals from the diary into it, as it is a Day to View style diary.

This means I can break down when I do my weekly goals as and when I see fit, rather than trying to cram it all in at the weekend.

Additionally, I use the planner to write down things I’d like to get done for the day, such as “finish blog post,” “complete eye makeup look,” or “use face mask.” Little things like that help me stay productive.

Genuinely, since using this planner I have become more productive because it gives me daily targets that are manageable.

I take my weekly and daily diaries everywhere now and pretty much live out of the things, they’re like my Bibles.


One thing that I think is really important, if you keep organised in the same way that I do, is reviewing what you have to do regularly so you know whether you’re on track or not.

There’s no use writing all of this stuff down and devising daily and weekly plans if you’re not actually going to stick with them.

I’d say check your diaries about twice a day, especially the daily one because then you can see if you’ve stuck to your plan. I probably check my diaries every hour because I’m really obsessive and have a real love affair with writing lists and making plans. A bit weird, I know, but it helps keep me relaxed and motivated.

Tidy, tidy, tidy

Tidy workplace/home space = tidy mind/tidy life.

I find keeping my desk at work tidy and organised really helpful because if I need to find a document quickly, then I know exactly where it is.

If your personal space is messy then you’re more likely going to lose things, which can be stressful, particularly if you’ve had a really busy day.

This is a pretty simple and obvious step, but I feel like doing it is definitely a great way to keep organised.

Other platforms

There are plenty of digital platforms which people use to organise their thoughts/life/workflow, which can be great for those who don’t like handwriting or prefer to store things digitally.

One of the most popular digital platforms for keeping organised is Trello, which is a really neat and personal way to stay organised as you can add in due dates, checklists, links, pictures… Honestly, Trello is awesome, go check it out.

However, I use Trello for devising my ongoing blog strategy, where I implement weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. But I’m going to do a more in-depth post about how I use Trello in the future.


  • Write things down, don’t keep things in your head
  • Make To Do lists
  • Get daily and weekly diaries
  • Keep your space tidy
  • Check out online platforms like Trello