Moroccan Spice Palette image

Moroccan Spice Palette imageI bought this palette because 1) Rihanna knows how to market her make-up so I was drawn in automatically, 2) I felt like the colours were very pretty and would add to my collection and 3) to be honest, I just wanted it.

I love my Fenty foundation, the quality is great and it lasts for ages, so I wanted to see if her eyeshadows would do the same.

First Impressions

When this first arrived one of the first things I noticed was Rihanna’s iconic packaging with the unusual, almost hexagonal corners. The casing is sturdy and a nice purple tone, which I like.

Then I opened the palette up to see a large mirror on the inside, which is a plus for me. It features diamond-shaped eyeshadow pans which are unique and were also in the Fenty Galaxy Palette, so it was nice to see some continuity and brand establishment.


Pictures do not do this palette justice! The shades are so gorgeous and a great mix in terms of colours and mattes and shimmers, featuring light shimmers, sultry mattes and vibrant tones. The shimmers especially stood out to me because they appeared to be extremely pigmented and had a duo-chrome look. Although, I will say I probably won’t wear a few of the shades because they’re a bit dark/dull/unwearable.

At a first look, my favourite colours were Mo’Rockin Ice, Sahara Stunna, Saffron and Mirage.


Moroccan Spice Palette swatches image
Top rows of Moroccan Spice palette

Then I went onto swatching the colours.

Mo’Rockin’ Ice: Amazing. In the pan this looks like a white shimmer but on the skin it has a light pink/lilac hue which is stunning. A soft and unique shade which will look great in the inner corners, as a brow bone highlight or as a topper.

Mirage: Nice shade, a bit rose goldy.

Ca$ablanca: A light bronze tone which seems to reflect the light really well.

Marrakush: YES. A beautiful gold and easily one of the most pigmented shades I’ve ever used – it will be a staple colour in the Moroccan Spice Palette.

Shisha Smoke: A light grey colour which I do not have in any of my other palettes. However, it doesn’t seem massively pigmented.

Sahara Stunna: Love. A pretty and girly pink. Reminds me of the shade ‘Angelic’ from Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk palette.

Moroccan Spice Palette swatches image
Bottom rows of Moroccan Spice Palette

Quicksand: Nice, versatile and soft pinkish shade.

Desert Baked: Pigment seemed particularly strong here and a really nice bronze colour.

Evil Genie: One word. P I G M E N T. Just like the Marrakush shade. This is such a strong blue and another iconic shade for Rihanna’s palette.

Fez Up: A bit more boring to me, it’s just OK and I struggled a bit with the pigment. Has purpley tones.

Saffron: Great reddish colour but would’ve liked more pigment as it looks better/stronger in the pan.

Cumin Get It: Nice shade, I feel like I could use this orangey/brown colour in a lot of different looks and is one of the more pigmented mattes.

Souq It 2 Me: Not my kind of shade, but the pigment is there and nothing is wrong with it. A dark shimmery green.

Nuts N Dates: Same as Souq It 2 Me. A dark shimmery plum.

Henna Sea: Another OK shade and I noticed some fall out. A dark and duller type brown.

Spice Trip: Soft, buildable colour. Has pinky/brown tones.

So far I’m really impressed with the shades. Yes, there are some shades which don’t really stand out, but I find that’s the case with all palettes. Out of the 16 shades, I only found 4 to be average/not my shade.

The pigment does vary, though, and I would say that the shimmers perform better than the mattes overall. However, the formula was consistent and buttery, which I prefer over powdery eyeshadows.

(Can I just add that Rihanna’s shade names are funny and imaginative).

The Looks

Moroccan Spice Palette look image
Quicksand all over lids and lower lashline, Saffron outer corners and crease, Spice Trip outer corners and crease, Marrakush cut crease, Mo’Rockin Ice brow highlight and inner corners
Moroccan Spice Palette look image
Shisha smoke all over lids, Fez Up all over lids, Spice Trip in crease, Mo’Rockin Ice over lids, brow highlight and inner corners, Evil Genie lower lashline
Moroccan Spice Palette look image
Cumin Get It all over lids, Henna Sea outer and inner corners of crease, Evil Genie outer and inner corners of crease, Marrakush spotlight and inner corner, Mo’Rockin Ice highlight

Final Verdict

YESSSSS. I’m so impressed with this palette. Out of the 16 shades in the palette I used 10 in my looks and I didn’t have a bad thing to say about any of them.

Throughout all of my looks, the shades were easy to work with, buildable and blended well. Not only that, but they worked together and I didn’t experience any fallout.

Marrakush is my favourite shade because it performs so well on the eyes and has the most incredible pigment ever. I’ll definitely use this colour up.

I would thoroughly recommened this palette to anyone. The theme is great, the colours perform really well together and tonnes of different looks can be created.

If you want to add something new and high-quality to your eyeshadow collection, or even as your first one, then this is the one to get!

Rating: 5 stars

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